Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday 13 v. 63 - Random Harry Potter-ness

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Thirteen Random Harry Potter Things
Tickets to opening night of the movie on July 11? Check. Book reserved and ready to pick up at 12:01 a.m. on July 21? Check.

  1. Which Harry Potter personality are you?
    Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!

  2. Daniel Radcliff was interviewed on the Today show Wednesday, and also Regis and Kelly, He's a cute kid. He's turning 18 in July. Emma Watson will be on the shows on Thursday.
  3. I'm going to write a strongly worded letter to the next newspaper with the headline "Will Harry Die in the Next Book?" That's why we read it, you morons. Geesh!
  4. I've had tickets to opening day of the Order of the Pheonix for 3 weeks. I was a big nerd, and signed up to be notified THE MINUTE they went on sale.
  5. "The guy" is reluctantly going with me to see the movie. He said he'll be ok as long as I don't dress like a character.
  6. I won't be dressing like a character for the movie, but maybe for Halloween. ;)
  7. I'm debating on going to the Harry Potter party at Barnes and Noble so I can get my book at midnight on the 21st. I don't think I'll convince "the guy" to do that with me.
  8. Daniel Radcliff says he doesn't think Harry will die in the last book, but he'll have to pay a big price.
  9. I've reread the last two books in preparation for the last book.
  10. I've re-watched all the movies to prepare for this movie.
  11. The Harry Potter theme song has been my ringtone for months. Maybe I'll have someone call me before the movie starts. :)
  12. Despite this list, this quiz says I'm only 21% obsessed with Harry Potter.
  13. Stay tuned for my reaction to the movie. I'll update in the a.m. UPDATE: Saw it. Loved it. But BOY did they leave a LOT of stuff out. I was suprised that the movie wasn't longer. However, it may be one of my favorites - a group of movies where the sequals aren't crap. I can't wait to see it again.

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Maribeth said...

Oh I loved the movie. I'll be interested to see what you think!

Lisa said...

I'm going to see the movie tomorrow, I can't wait!

I also re-read 4 and 5, and am about to start in on book 6. My husband will be going to Wal-mart at midnight and buying TWO copies. We almost got a babysitter for the 21st, but refrained. We are addicted.

Happy Thursday, my list is up as well.

Melanie said...

My hubby and I are Harry addicts as well! We are seeing the movie this weekend and I can't wait (couldn't get a babysitter beforehand!). I have the book and audio CD on pre-order from Amazon and am currently re-reading book 6 in preparation! Love the list!

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh do go to the Barnes and Noble midnight daughter went to the one in New York and loved it.

Don't judge "the guy" based on your obsession. Loved that he asked you not to dress up like a character though....he sounds like my Mr. Wonderful. ( We are celebrating 34 years of marriage by going to the HP movie.) btw....I took the quiz and came out Heromine!

NAncy said...

I was Hermoine... Yeah!

I have heard great things about the movie. I must get the last few books out and re-read them.

This was a fun 13!

Did the Guy like the movie?

Mama's Moon said...

I love the liquid generation quiz! The result made me laugh out so hard that it knocked me off of my broomstick! whoops! Gonna go see Harry and the Gang this weekend..can't wait!

Happy Thursday!

Dana said...

My daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan!

Goofy Girl said...

I can't wait for the book to come out!! :D

Virginia, like the state! said...

I went to the midnight premiere...and my friends and I were older than most everyone else by about 15 years! Loved it! I thought it was much better than GOF. Freak that I am, I always see it at least 3 times at the theater (at least once by myself to "fully" enjoy it).

I went to the midnight release for Half Blood Prince a couple years ago and am definitely going to the midnight release again this time. It's actually a lot of fun! They do a count-down like it's New Year's Eve! :) After Jason finally broke down and read all the books (so good, that man of mine!), he was determined to dress up as Lucius Malfoy and go to the release party! He's a little more boggled down at work though and may not be able to after all. Sigh.

[glances around] I even made a PowerPoint presentation for the HBP release back in 2005! :) A dork of monstrous proportions, I know...

Shelby said...

never read the potter books or seen the movies.. but interesting post :)

kailani said...

Am I the only non Harry Potter fan? hee hee

Cheysuli said...

So did the GUY love it?

We'll be going this weekend. I'm just not that excited about this particular one--it was my least favorite of the books (though I liked it) and I'm not sure how they can make a movie, as so much goes on in Harry's head.

By the way, I'm only an 18% fan. I'm sure that will go up as the Woman has orders that when she goes to London she must find platform 9 3/4. In fact, I'm planning a Harry Potter itinerary for her.

Janet said...

Who's Harry Potter? ;-)

No, seriously, my review is up...and I read somewhere that Daniel Radcliff says he DOES think Harry will die, and so does Rupert Grint. Noooooooooo!!!

Renee said...

I'll be seeing the movie soon. Every review I've seen so far says they didn't cover everything, but did well covering it. I'm hoping it is much better than GOF cuz that was a huge disappointment imo.

I'm on hold for one of the first copies at my library (I'm #13 on the list...I was #40 for HBP and got it on the first day) so I should have a copy in my hot little hands in 8 days!

I started re-reading from the beginning. I'm on GOF right now...I was suprised at how much I had only remembered from the having everything fresh is good.

noticed at the end of POA that Sirius gave Harry permission to go to Hogsmead, but the reason the teachers wouldn't bend the rules for him to go was because they were worried about Sirius getting him. Hummmm? LOL!

I was Prof Trewlawny for Halloween 2 years ago. DD was Hermione. We were cute!

Amy said...

I reread 6 in preperation-- maybe I should have reread 5 but I didn't. I would love to see the movie but in imax so I am going to wait. I also hate all these spoilers and that is what is keeping me away from going to border's!! I don't want to hear all the speculations!

Renee said...

It wasn't the darkness of GOF that I didn't was how different the movie was from the book. Like when Harry was hanging from the roof of Hogwartz during the dragon part of the tournament (that wasn't in the book!)

I don't know when I'll see the movie...I have to pick up DD from a sleepover tomorrow, maybe after.

Renee said...

I just took both quizes. The first one said I was Harry Potter! Was there some question that determined if I was a girl or guy? Maybe I picked the wrong jelly bean.
The second quiz said I was only 29% obsessed...but hello? some of the questions I couldn't have possibly checked since I'm not those people. Oh well. I guess I do have a life.

One Scrappy Gal said...

I haven't seen it yet...but I can't wait to go!! I pre-ordered the book and will be avoiding TV/Computer until I finish it! You just know someone, somewhere, is out there trying to ruin it for everyone else and posting spoilers!!

jenn said...

thanks for the review. I can't wait to see it this weekend!