Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Final Countdown

It's a Harry Potter party! And it's happening here in comments!

First, help yourself at the end-of-year feast. Sit with your respective houses, people! I've waved the magic wand, and, after catching something on fire, I've managed to whip up the pudding and pastries. Help yourself as you mingle.

A little mingling conversation: The last book: Who's going to bite it? What are the other horcruxes? Any insight? I'll be responding in comments, and all of you respond to each other if you want. Let's see if we can't get a TON of comments before midnight Friday. It's like a HP marathon! Check back, see what your fellow bloggers have to say. Post more thoughts.

If you post after you get the book, please, I beg of you, don't post spoilers!

If you're behind on your book reading, I wouldn't read these comments if I were you. You've been warned!


Carmen said...

OK, I'll go first even. So if you haven't read book 6, you might not want to read these posts.

I wonder how the archway of souls will come to play in this book? Remember Luna said "We'll see them again?"


Janet said...

Well, I'm sure Sirius will be back.

I think that Snape (of course) and Voldemort will die in the last book. Also...maybe Neville, but I'm not positive on that. After all...he WAS born on the same day as Harry, remember?

I do think Harry is a horcrux, tho...and...well...if all the horcruxes must be destroyed to kill Voldemort...well...

Seeing the movie made me absolutely LOVE Luna! Funny...same thing with Snape. In the book, he's portrayed as slimy and gross...and Luna as spacy and weird. But in the movies they come across ... more. Know what I mean? Course...Rickman... 'nuff said.

lol you need to give my your number again, Carmen, so I can call you sobbing when I get to intense parts of the book. No one I know around here is that into it.

Jennifer said...

I'm re-reading books 5 and 6 this week!! Can I post a link to your party on my blog? Where did you get that cool countdown timer?

Carmen said...

I also think Harry is a Horcrux. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not sure Harry is going to make it.

You can call me crying, but I doubt I'll be finished until late Sunday night. I'll be like "don't tell me! Waaaaaah"

And yes, I balled when Dumbledore died. Or did he? ;)

Carmen said...

Oh, and Jennifer, the countdown clock is from muggle.net

Renee said...

We just signed up today to go to the Harry Potter party at our library. I'll dig out my Prof Trewlawny costume...get DD to be Hermione too.

I am kinda thinking that Harry is one of the Horcruxs too. I really really really hope that he isn't, but I know that JK doesn't want to ever revisit Harry again and that would finish up things nicely. Although finishing things up where Harry is now Headmaster at Hogwartz would be cool too.

I can't wait. I started re-reading all the other books...I'm up to #5 now. I'm not sure if I can read it and 6 by Saturday. I guess I can try though.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if Snape & Voldemort were the main characters who die in this book...but I really only see Voldy kicking it.

Renee said...

Oh and it would be nice to find out why Dumbledore trusts Snape.

Lazy Daisy said...

I think Neville will play a big part in this next book. I'm wondering about Harry's Aunt? There's more to her than has been explained.

What's with Ron and Hermione? I'm a happily ever after girl so I hope Harry and Jenny walk off hand in hand into the sunset.

Carmen said...

See, I don't think Snape killed Dumbledore. The curse was weak, and Dumbledore didn't freeze in place, he tumbled out the window. Maybe, like ObiWan in star wars, he knew he'd be stronger if he was dead.

Harry's aunt definitely made a deal with somebody.

I think either Ron or Hermione will be one of the characters killed off. And I also don't think JK Rowling is a happy-ending author. But I hope Harry gets some happiness, like you. :)

Amy said...

*covering eyes* just happy to see Carmen posting...haven't made it that far in the books (i'm in school people and working!!!!)

Renee said...

See, I don't think Snape killed Dumbledore. The curse was weak, and Dumbledore didn't freeze in place, he tumbled out the window.
But how do you explain the portrait in the Headmaster's office? When I read that I started bawling again. It was easy to believe that he wasn't really dead at first until we saw the portrait...then I knew.
But I think that Dumbledore will still play a major roll through his portrait.

Virginia, like the state! said...

I just bought the Mugglenet book about theories on Book 7...finished it in one sitting! Before reading it, I was sure that Harry was a goner, but I'm willing to believe Mugglenet (who thinks he'll live)...they are the resident experts, after all! They also believe that the trio will make it...which seems somewhat unlikely, but their reasoning is believable.

I don't doubt that Snape is good...if he turns out to be a baddie I think people everywhere will fall out of their chairs! :)

I'm very interested to know how Sirius comes back...cause you know he will in some form or another.

I'd like Luna & Neville to get together! Hee!

I'm going to a midnight release party and can't wait!!

Janet said...

I bought tickets today to go see The Sorcerer's Stone at a theater in Harvard Sq; it starts at 915 PM and after the movie (if you bought the 38 dollah ticket), you get a copy of the book! Megan volunteered to drive home so I could read it in the car LOL!

Candy Minx said...

Hi how ya doing doing Carmen..I haven't been around for so long been kind of overwhelmed and not getting to visit as many blog pals...just thought I'd pop in and say hi.

You sure sound excited for Harry Potter...what a good weekend you will have coming up with reading it all at once I bet!

Hope your new house is working out and fun.

Candy...I'll try to pop back tomorrow for TT


Goofy Girl said...

I agree, I think Harry is a horacrux and I think he's gonna have to go. I can't wait though, it's going to be so exciting to see how it all turns out!!

Carmen said...

Virginia - I'll try and believe with you that the trio makes it through. I just couldn't believe she offed Dumbledore, so now anything is possible to me. :)

And I can't decide if I'll go at midnight Friday or not. I don't think I could stay up Friday night reading it, as I have plans for Saturday. But as it's the last one, I kinda want in on the fanfare.

Janet - this is me, jealous. :P

Candy - No 13 tomorrow. Brain too full of HP maddness. :)

Goofy Girl - I'm with you. Part of me wants to see how it ends, and then there's the part of me that's like "no! don't end! more HP!"

Lazy Daisy said...

Carmen..just found 13 juicy predictions a this website http://msgeorgemsenglishteacher.blogspot.com/

Janet said...

I'm afraid to look at that URL daisy, just in case it's a leak!

Janet said...

Well, I'm off to Harvard Square in the lovely republic of Cambridge in the state of MA to eat dinner, get a drink, see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at 9:15 and get the book handed to me at midnight!!! Woohoo!

Cheysuli said...


The human male thinks that Harry will kill Voldemort but has to give up magic (hence never to be revisted and it's final but he can still be happy.) I'm not sure about that idea.

I think Carmen you are on the right track. I think that saying Dumbledore is dead/not dead is too easy. It's rather like with Gandalf--Gandalf DIED but he came back as something else. And DD does have that Phoenix, doesn't he?

Well, time to head off to bed so that Amazon can deliver our book tomorrow and I can get in some good lap time! Snape better turn out to be a good guy--good heavens it would almost be a cop out and destroy the magic of the series if he really were evil!

Anonymous said...

i havent read any of the comments coz im only up to Goblet of Fire and catching up but im dropping by to SAY HEY!!!