Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thursday 13 v. 47 - The Pooh Bear & Last One :(

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Leanne, thanks for hosting 81 Thursday 13s. I'll have to think of something to write on Thursdays now. :) All 13 visitors - I hope you'll bookmark me and come back to visit, even if the 13 is no longer.

13 Secrets Pooh Bear Won't Answer
  1. Why does he choose the carpet for his hairballs? When there's a perfectly good, and easier-to-clean tile floor available?
  2. Why does he attack my hand? When all it's doing is hanging over the side of the couch when I'm napping.
  3. Why does he ignore me? Until I get on the phone.
  4. Why does he dislike men? Jealousy?
  5. Why does he sniff when he's mad? And scrunch up his nose.
  6. Why does he insist on "sharpening his claws" on the baskets? When he doesn't have any?
  7. Why does he always have to sit ON something? If there's an entire floor, and a piece of paper on the floor, he'll sit on the paper.
  8. Why doesn't he drink water? I have to mix it with his food, otherwise, he'll dehydrate.
  9. Why does he all of a sudden have to be in another room? When it looks like he's peaceful where he is.
  10. Why does he sleep on his head? And fold his paws like he's praying?
  11. Why does he chirp at birds? He makes the funniest noise when he sees a bird outside the window.
  12. Why is it ok to snuggle when HE wants to. But not when I want to.
  13. Why is he just so darned cute?

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      Raggedy said...

      Thursday Thirteen has come to an end.
      I have enjoyed my visits here and consider us friends.
      Thank you for sharing your thirteens with me.
      The comments you left me filled me with glee.
      It is hard to believe it is really true.
      I am trying very hard to not be blue.
      Happy TT'ing!
      (")_ (")Š

      Maribeth said...

      Cat's are like that. They just like to play with your mind! Mine is up too.

      Mrs Lifecruiser said...

      You know, #13 is the most difficult one of these... so tough to resist them!

      my 2 cents said...

      Aw, cats are so funny!! Pooh Bear is adorable!

      kristarella said...

      Cats are classic. I love how they love to sit on paper... and your clothes (well, actually I dislike the clothes one).

      Renee said...

      #1 not too sure, but dogs choose to hack on the carpet too...I think it's possible that they think it's like grass..or they don't want it running on their feet. either way...ugh!
      #2-7...cuz he's a cat
      #8, don't know
      #9-13 cuz he's a cat

      The bird chirping is just so cute!

      Gattina said...

      Lol ! I have the answer ! BECAUSE he is a cat ! and that's why I love them.
      Why should we stop with TT ? it only depends on us.

      Don't know if you know my cat blog "my cats & funny stories"

      KarenW said...

      Our cat always has to sit on something too. Her current choice is boxes. The other night, we couldn't find her. Finally, my dh looked inside a tall empty box and there she was. She decided to sit on top and fell in! So sad about TT. I'm adding you to my google reader.

      Goofy Girl said...

      Oh Pooh, I sure would like it if you could talk, I'd also like it if Wolfie could answer me too!

      Rose said...

      Poo Bear sure is a cutie. Makes me miss having cats.

      Kimo & Sabi said...

      How come we has never hear about yer Pooh Bear! We is cats and we is friends wif Kukka, Zeus, the Meezers, Chey, and about 250+ other cat bloggers! Does he have his own bloggie? Pooh Bear MUST come visit us!

      BTW - Pooh Bear does all that stuff 'cause he's a cat (duh)!

      Anonymous said...

      Oh wow, our old cat use to do the whole chirping thing when birds were around!! I cracked up when I first heard it! LOL

      Retta said...

      My cat makes funny noises at birds too! He sits in the window and watches them bopping around outside and makes this odd squeaky noise. It's the cutest darn thing.

      I hope that Thursday Thirteen doesn't go away. I contacted Leanne and I'm determined to rescue the thirteen if I can!

      Melli said...

      Sounds to me like he's doing everything jusssst right! My 3 would vote him "purrrrrfect kitty"! Freedom and Missy don't make ANY sounds when they're watching the birds -- they just get that twitchy tail thing goin' and prepare for the pounce! But Kitty sits in the window -- and he doesn't CHIRP at them -- he growly grumbles at them! It is THE oddest sound that I've ever heard a cat make! He is sO weird! And he too has to sit ON things -- pizza boxes are a favorite! But really ANYTHING! Pooh sounds purrrfectly normal to us!

      Katherine said...

      Hmm, can't answer as my cats pretty much share all of those traits with Pooh--except the water thing. They prefer to drink running water so in a previous house I had a laundry sink that I'd turn on for them several times during the day. I don't have one in this house and I'm sure they're very confused...

      mar said...

      Cats are a mystery to me but they are sooo cute!
      Yes, I will have to decide what to do on thursdays now without a TT :(

      Jim McKee said...

      Why couldn't you just do them on your own? I am not a big meme fan, and in fact, I'm not doing them anymore, unless it's something I come up with on my own (i.e., my Monday Mailgasms), but that's because I like to call my own shots and not do the same things that other people are doing.

      That said, you should be able to do whatever you like, whether or not others are doing it, too; it is your blog, after all.

      Peg said...

      I saw your comment on Lil Ducks blog--are you talking about "The Runaway Bunny"??

      What a fun list you have! Glad I clicked through--I've never visited your blog before, but I'll surely be back...

      Cheysuli said...

      I was sad to hear about the TT going away. I was thinking perhaps I'd start in again--it's just that Thursday is such a bad day for me!

      Anyway, I am working on my human as far as going shopping for a great tux or something for Pooh Bear... hmm...

      Darla said...

      LOL, our dog has to sit ON things, too, to the point where it's ludicrous. Some of the things she'll lie down on look terribly uncomfortable to me.

      Personally, though, I think I prefer the mystery--I'd hate to find out that there's some mundane, perfectly logical reason for why our pets do things. :)

      kailani said...

      Because he's a cat! LOL!

      My question would be . . . why does she always miss the litterbox? Yuck!

      Dane Bramage said...

      The ways of cat are not meant to be known by mere mortals. Great list.

      As for the last T13 I go out with a nice round number. My Thursday 13 #30 is up. It is ironically 13 Thursday Thirteen Logos I made and used during the last 30 weeks. Stop by if you get a chance.

      Nancy said...

      Awww! He sounds so cute.

      Got ya bookmarked!

      Bone said...

      Ha! I've always wondered #9 myself. Cats are on a whole other level, I think.

      susan said...

      I have many of these same mysteries at my house Carmen... loving the dolphin-noise chirps when there are birds outside -- great TT Carmen! so sad that TTs are ending but glad to have met great people like yOU!

      Candy Minx said...

      Oh aren't cats the most crazy personable animal? And if we ever wondered if animals have imaginations...cats prve they certainly have vivid imaginations in common with us.

      It's been great to meet you Carmen and I hope we visit even after TT's you're a lot of fun girl!

      Here is my TT list if you get some time to drop by today...

      Janet said...

      sleep on his head? oh that just begs a picture!

      colleen said...

      "If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because yoiur lap is warmer." Alfred North Whitehead

      Cute kitty.

      Teena said...

      Ha! Great post! I've wondered the same about my boys!

      Mine's up too :)

      Leanne said...

      {{{hugs}}} Thank you for everything, Carmen. I'm so glad to have met you - one of these days Pooh's gonna have to pose for me, you know.


      Kukka-Maria said...

      I'm sad to lose TH 13, as well, but I think I might keep the list theme going on Thursdays. It's a great vehicle!

      In fact...this one was such a great idea, you might see it recycled by The Empress!