Friday, February 23, 2007

Pooh Bear Says He IS Mr. Litterbox


My good friend Zeus is having a competition over at his place for the 2007 Mr. Litterbox. Future presidential candidate - Chey - won the prize for Ms. Litterbox and looked STUNNING in the evening gown competition. The Woman has packed away her computer, leaving me sans Photoshop, so I can't show off how DAPPER I would look in a tuxedo, so I'm limited to competing in the talent competition. Not that I don't have talent - man, do I have TALENT!

1. The Woman says that I give the best kissies in the world. I reach up with my cold wet nose to show my affection.

2. I can find the BEST sunbeams for naps. It can't just be any old sunbeam, because they move around, you know. I find the ones that will be there for a while.

3. I chase my tail like a pro. Actually, I compete in the professional tail-chasing league

4. I have a talent for looking adorable. I mean, just look at that photo!

5. The Woman makes me guess what hand my treat is in when she deigns to give them to me. I HATE it when she does that, but I play along because I want the treats. I guess the correct hand almost every time.

And of course I'll be back next week to pimp myself for your votes in the contest. Until then, peace out.


Zeus said...

Awesome entry, Pooh! No doubt you'll be tough competition for the others! :)

Melli said...

Mph! I'm thinking this mighta been renamed Mr. Food Dish 2007 ... or something... I don't think I could convince Kitty to compete in for the title of Mr. Litterbox... I'm pretty sure he considers himself ABOVE that title... but not by far! LOL! (maybe 4 inches...)

He and I both wish Pooh the BEST OF LUCK!!! Do we need to vote???

Hootin'Anni said...

So....where do we go to cast our votes for you Pooh? Huh, huh, huh?

And below---no more Thursday 13? What happened to that? Bummer. I enjoyed reading a lot of them.

kailani said...

Hey Pooh, good luck in the competition. Sounds like you have that talent competition already won!

Amy said...

So Pooh Bear, I say you have some pretty darn good chances...however I haven't been able to scope out your competition yet. Keep me posted on this puppy posted on my blog...although I'm not sure that you like dogs...hmmm

Geggie said...

I'll be voting, Pooh. I hope that you'll enjoy the excitement of moving. There will be plenty of boxes to play in.

Anonymous said...

you put up a good arguement! I say go Pooh Bear for Mr Litterbox 07. Im heading over to vote! Goodluck!

Kukka-Maria said...

I threw a vote your way...although I'm pretty sure you won't need my vote to smoke the competition!

Lookin' good, Pooh! You stud...