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Thursday 13 v. 45 - The Harry Potter One

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*****Spoiler Warning if you haven't caught up on your Harry Potter reading

13 of My Theories for the Last Harry Potter Book
  1. Dumbledore's not dead. When someone dies with the killing curse, they fall on the spot. Dumbledore spun around hung in the air a bit, then fell. The body could've been his brother.
  2. Snape isn't the bad guy. You have to mean the killing curse, really mean it, to have it work. Snape hesitated (and Dumbledore begged him) and see number 1 above.
  3. Harry is a direct descendant of Gryfindor. He's a Leo (which is the Gryfindor lion), and only a "true Gryffindor" could've called the sword to him when fighting in the Chamber of Secrets.
  4. Ron & Hermoine will kiss. JKs been working up to this forever
  5. Malfoy turns from the dark side. He had an attack of his conscience when he was assigned to kill Dumbledore.
  6. Wormtail won't get his just due. Not everything works out in JKs world
  7. There's something about the Dursleys. Harry's aunt has some kind of deal with Dumbledore. I can't wait to find out what it is.
  8. Will Sirius be back? Will we find out what is behind the curtain? I don't think he'll be back in the true sense, but more along the lines of what happened in Star Wars when Obi Wan appeared through the "force"
  9. Harry will teter on the edge of the dark side. His anger will be strong.
  10. I think there might be a house elf force in the war against evil.
  11. Harry is the last Horcrux. I don't thinkVoldemort meant to do it, but I think the last bit of his mortality was passed to Harry when he gave him the scar.
  12. I think she's going to kill off Ron. JK has said she's killing off 2 main characters in this book. Ron's one of my favorites, so I think it's him.
  13. I think JK is going to kill Harry. There's the prophecy, there's my theory in number 11, and she's talked about not wanting other people to continue her series after she's gone. I'm going to forever hate her if she does that.

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      Cheysuli said...

      The human male agrees with most of what you have said. The woman doesn't believe that Dumbledore will come back as not really dead, but more like Gandalf the Gray came back as Gandalf the White in LOTR.

      Sirius may show up. We definitely think that Harry is a Griffidore. After all, he has to go to Godric's Hollow, where he was from... :).

      We're thinking we might have to list all the Harry stuff we hope DOESN'T happen--really rather sick stuff...

      Yoshi said...

      I agree with a lot of what you said. I'm still hesitant to say that harry is the last horcrux though. something about that just nags at me.

      I think JK will definitely kill off harry. I hate to say it but it'll probably happen.

      That's a good point about dumbledore too. Although I'd like to think that when she killed him off, she really did kill him off.

      Janet said...

      Ok, I haven't seen any other T13s yet, but this one is my favorite!!!

      If she kills Ron, who will Hermione have? I think she's going to kill Snape (a given) and Harry. I HOPE not...but I think so :-(

      Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

      Can you do another TT on HP when the final one comes out? This was great for catching me up. For some reason, I just couldn't make it through book 6.

      Teena said...

      I'm probably the only person on earth who have never seen these movies. Ha!

      Mine's up too :)

      Goofy Girl said...

      I think you're right on with a lot of your theories... but I can't wait to read the books!!

      Renee said...

      1. Dumbledore was thrown off the tower...not out a window. And Dumbledore's portrait showed up in the headmaster's office.
      2. Perhaps, but I don't think so. Snape doesn't have it in him.
      3. plausible
      4. oh yeah...married too probably
      5. plausible
      6. most likely...he's a rat and will wiggle out of this too.
      7. yeah!
      8. some are speculating there's something with the two way mirror (that Harry broke)
      9. He'll have major anger issues, but not enough to join Voldemort
      10. plausible
      11. I don't think so. Why would Voldemort keep trying to kill him? And Voldemort has possessed Harry, I think that he would know if Harry was a Horcrux.
      12. possibly
      13. very plausible. I think that it is possible that both Harry & Voldemort will be killed, but Harry will make sure that Voldemort is gone first...Ron or someone close to him might have to do it.

      BTW: I was able to get on the hold list for a copy at my Library. I don't buy until it comes out in paperback.

      Darla said...

      Noooo!!!! LOL

      Although I hope most of those things do turn out to be the case. IMO, it would be a better book for it. I've been a little disillusioned, particularly with the deaths--they were too... easy, I guess. Bring 'em back so she can kill 'em off right, I say. :)

      el-e-e said...

      Very interesting. How I love the Harry Potter books! :) Great TT list!

      Zeus said...

      I really need to catch up on my reading, but I have been keeping up with the movies so I have some idea concerning this. I just think it's sad that this series is coming to a close. I think it was one of the best books for young adults that has come out in awhile.

      Happy Thursday, Carmen!

      Laura said...

      i see a few theories discussed here under the big top. of course anytime i mention #13 my hp-phile gasps a if i have just blasphemed.
      i can't believe you never heard of walkamerica but i am glad you will check it out. thanks also for visiting my tt this week.
      have a great day!

      Tink said...

      I can't wait for HP7. I think you might be right in a lot of things. I think she'll be killing Harry too, same reason. But she can't be sure there won't be sequels or spin-offs about Hermione or something.
      My TT is about support this week.

      Katherine said...

      OOOh, if she kills off Harry I predict some crazed fan will actually try to kill her. You know it will happen! You can't mess with hormone-crazed teenagers!

      Chickadee said...

      Yea, I think she's going to kill off Harry too. She has made a few foreboding comments about killing 2 main characters. We shall see what happens!

      My 13 are up.

      Jane said...

      I read the very first "Harry" and loved it. It is going to be interesting to see what happens in this last one.
      BTW, I have been gone for a while, how was your trip to Hawaii???
      Thanks for stopping by my T13 and I love your new look.

      Mama Duck said...

      Ha, I love these!!

      Dane Bramage said...

      Never did Harry Potter. Kids are still a little young to read the books but they like the movies.

      My Thursday Thirteen #29 is up. This edition has 13 Search Engine Results that led to my blog. Stop by if you get a chance. (I mentioned you by name!)

      Christine said...

      I'll have to show your T13 to my daughter she's read all the HP books. I've really enjoyed all the movies.
      My daughter agrees Harry will be killed off and the Kiss.
      Happy Valentine's Day Carmen!

      Kukka-Maria said...

      I have absolutely no interest in Harry Potter.

      Brach is a fan, though.

      Carrie said...

      1. i hope he's not dead.
      2. i go back and forth on snape, but i don't think dumbledore could be fooled by him. plus i just really like alan rickman.
      3. of course.
      4. of course.
      5. never in a million years.
      6. probably not
      7. i agree. she did act kind of funny in the last novel, leading up to something very interesting.
      8. definite obi wan material.
      9. would definitely make a good plot twist. voldemort may come up with some good arguments for them to join up.
      10. i hope not. house elves annoy me.
      11. interesting theory.
      12. sad, but very possibly true. and probably very soon after he and hermione finally kiss.
      13. this would definitely keep others from "continuing" her work. maybe she'll let him live til a ripe old age, then kill him.

      great list! can't wait for the book!

      Frances said...

      I know I've eaten more than 35,000 cookies LOl - thanks for visiting.
      You know I've never seen a Harry Potter movie or read one of the books.
      I feel so uninformed!
      Like your new look - and tagline!
      Take care,

      Lazy Daisy said...

      Hmmm....I agree with most of your theories. I do think there is more with Aunt Petunia and also think that Neville Longbottom will play a much bigger part in this last book. Can't wait till July.

      Sparky Duck said...

      ok, I have no idea what you are talking about here, but I would be heartbroken if one of my Vampire Killers was killed off in the books I read, so I hear ya

      K T Cat said...

      Kissing? How yucky! Can't they just clean each other's fur instead?

      Mercy's Maid said...

      I agree with you on numbers 2 and 13. I can't wait to read the book. I almost feel like I should go back and read all of the previous books before the new one comes out, though.

      Susan said...

      thanks for the spoiler warning Carmen - so I didn't read but it looked pretty fun nonetheless! (I'm one of the weird people who waits til the next movie is nearly here before I read the book)... anyway happy TT! :)

      Mrs Lifecruiser said...

      Oh, shame to say, I've only seen the first Potter movie and no books read, but I have ride the real Harry Potter train in Scotland!!!! Over the Glenfinnan viaduct too. Very exciting :-)

      Delicious new log layout of yours, somehow it reminds me of chocolate???!! Yummy ;-)

      Christina said...

      I agree with a lot of these, except that I'm not sure about Harry being the last Horcrux. I'm very anxious to see how everything turns out. I have my book pre-ordered, now I just have to wait :(

      Happy Thursday!

      Rose DesRochers said...

      My son is a big Harry Potter fan. I have not read any of his books. Happy Friday!

      mar said...

      Snape can't be the bad guy, he is the sexiest!

      Hootin'Anni said...

      I'm not a fan of Harry Potter, so I couldn't leave a comment on your 13 to save my soul. I've watched the movies only.

      Happy weekend.

      Rashenbo said...

      Excellent theories... I can't imagine the mob that will descend upon her if she kills both Ron and Harry... I mean... can you imagine the public's cry of pain and disbelief? I mean... NOOOOOOO! By hundreds of millions of voices! :)

      Great list and thank you for sharing.

      Rashenbo said...

      Excellent theories... I can't imagine the mob that will descend upon her if she kills both Ron and Harry... I mean... can you imagine the public's cry of pain and disbelief? I mean... NOOOOOOO! By hundreds of millions of voices! :)

      Great list and thank you for sharing.

      Haley-O said...

      Good one!!! Can't wait for it to come out!

      MysteriousLady said...

      I have heard Hemonie,however you spell it, didn't want to do anymore HP movies.

      I've been extremely upset over the "killing offs" on the pretense of stopping anyone from continuing her story lines. "Hello"?????

      I would think she'd want to be remembered well, instead of someone who would upset so many children just to protect a legacy, can you not do that with copywright, and passing those rights onto your children, childrens children. Or does she not want that for her children?

      I'm very confused about her reasoning, and now regret letting my daughter get so into her books,movies. For she is livid!