Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hump Day

I had over 25 agents come through in my agent open house yesterday. (real estate agents, Kukka. Not agent, agents. Otherwise, your agent would have DEFINITELY been there) They all filled out comment sheets. My agent told me NOT to read them, but they were sitting right there on my breakfast bar, all in disarray, so I had to pile them up, and I just HAPPENED to read all of them. Then I cried. Man, agents are harsh. Almost all of the ones I saw said that the house was nice but still cluttered. Dude, i LIVE here. Yes, I have paper towels on the counter, and hand soap in the kitchen. GET OVER IT.

Almost everyone said their least favorite thing about the house was the stairs (I'm on the top, third floor). Old farts. Go to the gym. I can't do anything about the stairs, and being on the top floor is supposed to be a GOOD thing. No one above you. Vaulted ceilings. Argh.

And then half liked my very creative paint job in the living room. Half didn't. Well, I'm not painting it, so thbtttttt. My agent said that I shouldn't worry, that she was really pleased with the comments. Still, I haven't slept all week.

Pooh hid all day. He did not like all those people in the house. He's starting to act up, "missing" the litter box. I can tell that this is going to be fun.

Plus, it snowed a measly inch, and all the schools are out today. Which means I'll have to fight for the gym machines at lunch.

I really want to go back to bed now.


Red said...

Oh, sorry to hear the feedback was not as glowing as you would have liked. Still, at least now you know what still needs doing in the house to make it right -- or at least "right for the (harsh) agents".

Cat gives his regards to Pooh. (Did you hide his litter box in your attempts to declutter? Has he been crossing his little legs all this time?!)

Melli said...

Now GIRL! There was a REASON your agent told you NOT to read those comments! Sheeeeeeesh! Ya know... if the WORST thing they could think of to criticize was the steps, you are in GOOD shape!!! Don't worry! It will sell! EVERYTHING over your way sells! You live in the HOT SPOT of the DC area! :) Quit all that worrying -- it'll give you wrinkles!

mar said...

Don't worry about those comments :)
You'll do fine and your condo will find happy new owners!!!

Renee said...

Melli is right, you'll sell.
I would be most concerned with Pooh's problems. Cats can be so hard to deal with when they get upset. My mom's cats got upset when we had different people moving in and out (she had 3 adult children who would leave home and come back...the poor cats had no idea who they were sharing their home with. neither did we!) They calmed down after we moved.

I came here to discuss weddings. Brides (for the most part) do get that it isn't cheap to be in the wedding...which is why they are coy about asking you to be in the wedding and then about buying the dress. For my wedding, I suggested that we rent the bridesmaid gowns but none of the bridesmaids would hear of it. I don't understand that. Brides try really hard to pick something that can be worn again, but seriously who is really going to wear that dress in that color again??? This is part of why I'm suggesting SIL sew the flower girl's the perfect way for Neice to get what she wants at a price that we can afford. The whole wedding thing is just a HUGE stress for everyone.

MysteriousLady said...

Last time I had a house on the market, the "agents" complained that the house would have to be painted on the inside, I had just painted.

I hate critic's of my home. Sucks.

I'm sure everythings just fine, and they are being finicky turds.

local girl said...

What do they know? I perfect person will come along and appreciate what you've done with the place. Keep your head up!

Bone said...

This reminds me of that show, on that channel, where those people are trying to sell their house and someone comes in and fixes it up.

I can't think of the name of it. I think I've only seen it once.

Janet said...

I think it's utterly ridiculous that everything has to be immaculate. Do they think the people viewing the condo have no imagination? Also, it's true what Melli said! It'll sell in a flash.

Cheysuli said...

Uh The Woman is getting stressed about having sold her condo last year just hearing about yours. We got lots of comments like that and our agent was all over us about being cleaner. We were half moved already and had our basic furniture and some boxes. The boxes were considered too messy.

Anyway the Woman was in tears every time she talked to this agent who thought the house should be immaculate and was mad at her that she wanted to put the house on the market before she had moved out. Agents are no longer actually helping people sell and buy--I think they are out there to make people feel like slobs!

Anthony said...

You need a motivated buyer, and those agents need a shoe piece.

I think my cat would react the same way, although he's 16 now, and missing the litter pan is becoming a regular occurance.

Teena said...

Good luck with the sale! I bet the right person will come along real soon :)

Goofy Girl said...

Too cluttered? Good thing there are no agents coming over to my house. It sounds like it was overall good though from what your agent said...

I agree hump day = a day to just forget!!

Katherine said...

Ack, sorry. I feel your pain. I would have read the sheets too, if they were right in front of me. But hey, everyone has different taste. There will always be people that hate the paint or whatever. Just remember, you only need ONE who likes it. :)

Kukka-Maria said...

Carmen, you should tell those agents what I tell MY Agent:

"Kiss my hairy, gray ass!"

You may have to change some details about that line to suit you (like white instead of gray...keep the hairy, though).


And fighting for gym equipment? Aren't fist-fights the reason you work out in the first place? DUKE IT OUT!

Carmi said...

This may sound nasty, but real estate agents suck the big one. Sorry, but I can't hold my tongue on this: I don't think I've ever met one I didn't want to throttle.

Hootin'Anni said...

Awwwww, come on Carmen.
Don't worry about any of that BS!!! It isn't selling to any AGENT anyway!!! It's the ones that come look at it to BUY that counts.

And clutter isn't something you can do away with when you're living in it!!!

So, really----------leave us not panic. It'll sell!!! Trust me.

Amy said...

I bought my first house (condo really) a year ago. Now I am jobless and being told by my mom and dad that I need to be open to moving after I just did it!! It makes me feel like I should have rented!! Thing is, I really like my condo and don't want to move. But condo fees and all that really make me wonder if I made the right decision. Too late now!