Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hockey & More Deep Thoughts

First, I'd like to thank everyone for stopping by the holiday open blog. I hope you had fun. :)

Second, I'd like to ask anyone else if they find it odd that Overstock.com's slogan is "The Big O"? Dude, I really want to shop THERE!

Thirdly, I submit for your consideration the hockey song. Yes, Virginia, there is a hockey song. Friend Irish, Friend C and I went to a Washington Capitals game on Saturday and rediscovered this musical gem. (May I say that it was the weirdest hockey game ever? The score was 7-4, which is odd if you know hockey, there was a fight in which like 30 people were penalized and one ejected, a goal by the Buffalo Sabres was recalled after review, there was a "score change" in the middle of the game, etc.)

Hello out there, were on the air
it's hockey night tonight!
tension grows,
as the whistle blows,
and the puck goes down the ice.
The goalie jumps,
and the players bump, This I don't need to know
and the fans all go insane. As if they didn't start out that way
Someone roars:
"Bobby Scores!" Who the heck is Bobby?
At the good old hockey game!

The good old hockey game!
it's the best game you can name!
And the best game you can name,
is the good old hockey game!

Second Period.
players dash,
with skates a-flash, a-flash? Is that a word?
the home team trails behind.
But they grab the puck,
and go bursting up,
and they're down across the line.
They storm the crease,
like bumblebees, When did bees start playing hockey?
they travel like a burning flame. On ice? Won't it melt?
see them slide the puck inside, My dirty mind at work here.
it's a one one hockey game!


Third Period.
Last game in the play-offs too.
Oh take me where, the hockey players,
face off down the rink,
And the Stanley Cup,
is all filled up,
for the champs who win the drink!
Now the final flick,
of a hockey stick,
and a one gigantic scream:
At the good old hockey game

And not to steal glory from her, but Friend Irish sends me this email this morning.

So, I took my hockey ticket stub out of my coat pocket and was reading the back of it.

The holder of this ticket assumes all risks and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising from…including specifically (but not exclusively) THE DANGER OF PUCKS AND STICKS, OTHER SPECTATORS OR PLAYERS, OR BY THROWN OBJECTS.
Yeah, they used CAPS for that. Dude. Are spectators going to throw OTHER SPECTATORS at me?


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Ya I'm sorry I missed it! Looks like it was a fun time.

I like your Christmas tree Carmen. It's fabulous!

Zeus said...

Throwing other spectators could possibly take away from the beauty of the game. However, the image of seeing old ladies being thrown at young couples and landing unsuspectingly on their laps does make me giggle.

Kukka-Maria said...

Hockey. Yuck. With our Detroit called "Hockey Town," we Michiganders are innundated with pucks every winter.

I tried singing that song to the tune of "Camptown Races," but it just didn't flow properly. It's a shame, too, since I really wanted to sing it to that tune.

[Kukka warms up with a Me-me-me-me-me-me-me and laces up her four tap shoes...]

Camptown ladies sing this song
Hockey sucks the big, fat O,
Oh, doo-dah day!

Melli said...

They MIGHT! Hockey's a rough event! Ranks right up there with SOCCER! Where ya might get shot ... But soccer doesn't have a cool SONG like that! And how much did you guys have to DRINK last night???

Red said...

I know so little about hockey that when * and I went to see the FDNY v NYPD game in New York in 2002, we left after the second period, thinking the game was split like a football match. Duh!

Are you all sore-throated today, after singing this little ditty on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

I think the folks at Overstock are charming, but clueless. Or maybe it's just a way to get people to shop there! :-)

The Hockey Song is on one of Avril Lavigne's CDs, believe it or not.

Cheysuli said...

Well, I'm sure that Overstock.com has already increased thier business.

As for the hockey ticket--I now have no desire to go to one. Imagine what another spectator could do to lil ole me?!

Renee said...

Have you seen the Overstock ads? I think they are trying to imply that that lady is having a "great big O" from buying their stuff. LOL! gotta get me some!

Speaking of that...hee hee... last night we were at a Christmas party and Santa came in to help distribute the gifts and I asked the gal next to me "Do you think we haveta sit on Santa's lap?" and her first responce is "Oh I hope so!" and then quickly she says "Oh My! I didn't mean that! I meant I hope NOT!" Then we both agreed that Santa needed to be of the Chippendales kind for us to grace his lap.

sharing holiday pictures fefyfomanna: Trying to get the perfect family photo...

Domestic Goddess said...

when my hubby first heard "the Big O" he said "Who, Oprah"?

I think the same thing too. Especially when they have the chicko lounging and reclining saying "have you found the big O"?

Renee said...

glad that you enjoyed the pictures so much you posted twice. ;)

I'm sure that Pooh is much easier to get in the family pictures.

Katherine said...

Hockey song? Hmm, strangely amusing yet still very weird there IS such a song. Overstock's slogan - mwahahaha, you totally cracked me up with that one!!

Teena said...

Ya gotta love Stompin' Tom Connors (the guy who sings that song)!


"The Hockey Song" is a famous Canadian anthem, written and sung originally by Stompin' Tom Connors. It is now routinely played at Canadian hockey arenas where the crowds sing along.

The song first appeared on Connors' 1973 album, Stompin' Tom and the Hockey Song. However, the song did not reach its tremendous popularity until 1992. It was at this time, that the song was played at Ottawa Senators games. Pat Burns, then coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs wanted to have it played in Toronto. Fans took a liking to the song, and it spread throughout the NHL. Today, it is a well known song, celebrating Canada's love for its national game, ice hockey.

The song is well known for its chorus,

Oh! The good old hockey game,
Is the best game you can name;
And the best game you can name,
Is the good old Hockey game!
The verses of the song are split up, so that each one describes a period of play in a typical hockey game. In the first verse, Connors sings "Someone roars, Bobby scores!" This was probably done because many popular players in the NHL at the time who were named Bobby, namely Bobby Orr, Bobby Clarke and Bobby Hull. In the last verse, Connors sings that it is the last game of the playoffs, and the "Stanley Cup is all filled up for the champs that win the drink". He later also sings "The puck is in, the home team wins!" which in concert, he may change "home team" to an actual team based on where he is playing.

The song has been covered by many bands, including Corb Lund Band and The Hanson Brothers. One such cover version was used as the theme song for the 1990s CTV series, Power Play, while another was used to open NHL broadcasts on CTV Sportsnet in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In 2004, the American comedy-talk show Late Night with Conan O'Brien taped a week's worth of shows in Canada. During one of these telecasts, Connors, making one of the first American TV appearances of his entire career, was brought on to perform "The Hockey Song".

Anonymous said...

thats funny, the whole thing. The song, your comments, your friends ticket stub and your friends comments!!


Sparky Duck said...

I was screaming at the laptop "for the love of god, bobby Orr, Bobby Hull!" We in Philly dont look to kindly on Bobby Clarke presently.

Anonymous said...

They used to play that song before every single hockey game where I went to college (St. Lawrence U, in the frozen North).