Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dear Abby

Ok bloggers, I need your advice.

There's this guy (what else would it be?) who we'll call "K". I met him a little over a year or so ago on a beach trip with a mutual friend, we'll call him "S". When I met K, I had just broken up with the plaid underwear guy, and I was pretty torn up. It's likely I wasn't thinking clearly.

So anyway, the whole beach group went out to a nightclub, and I heard a song that reminded me of plaid underwear guy, and it made me cry (stupid, I know, but go with me here.) Well K came to my rescue. He hugged me, tried to get me to forget it, danced with me, etc. He walked around with me holding my hand - which i don't remember, but that's what S told me. So anyway, after the drama ensued, and everyone went home, K gave me a kiss on the forehead, and later told S that he wished he had more time to get to know me better.

S and his girlfriend still to this day talk about this, and when I talk to S, I always joke and ask how "my boyfriend" is doing, and I know of at least once where K has said something to S about me. But they're men, they don't share these things with me.

So here's the question. I'm having a birthday party when I get back from Hawaii. S and girlfriend are invited (they live out of town), along with some other out of town folks. I want to invite K, who lives in TX. Not only do I want to invite him, I'd like to ask him to be my date for the party.

Is this too much? Should I just send him the invite and see how it goes? How do I say I'd like him to be my date?

Single sucks. It really, really sucks.


Goofy Girl said...

I think you should send him a invite and see what he says, and then if he says yes then ask him to be your date for the party. Hope it goes well!!

mar said...

Good thing Goofy Girl was here before me, I've been out of the dating game for too long now but GGirl's advice makes lots of sense. Go for it, Carmen!!!

Karen said...

I agree with Goofy Girl too...send him the invite and see how it goes. And oh my, let us know how it goes !:)

Renee said...

I'm with Goofy Girl too. Send the invite first to test the waters. If he's interested in coming for the party you can tell him "no gifts required" but you would like him to decorate your arm.

Oh and check with S to be sure he's still available.

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Single doesn't suck that badly, but the games do get tiring.

If you're not really talking to K I would just send the invite. Or, if it wouldn't be wierd for you to call him, I would talk to him on the phone a little bit and then send the invite. Once he's told you he got the invite I'd then see if he could come as your date.

If he's asked about you, it seems that he might be interested!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Actually, now I need your advice and I couldn't find your email on blogger. I have a chance to go on a "tour" of such with an honors high school orchestra and play my instrument with them. The tour is an 11 day trip to a bunch of different European cities for $2900.00. I thought, since you love to travel you could let me know if that's a good deal and your thoughts on whether I should go.

The price includes all scenic tours, two meals a day, hotels every night and round trip airfare from Dallas, TX.

Thanks! Good luck with K.

Anonymous said...

Putting myself in "K's" place, I would appreciate the invitation to your party. I'm not sure it's necessary for you to ask him to be your date. When he gets there, you can give him the time he wanted before to get to know you better.

If I was him, I would accept the invitation as an opportunity to continue your relationship. I wouldn't let the opportunity go to waste.
But first, be sure that K is available relationship-wise. S and girlfriend can probably tell you that.

Inviting him should be plenty for starters. Let it build from there.

And yes, single does suck, but we make the best of it.
Good luck, Carmen. :)

Amy said...

I like goofy girl's suggestion and that's what i was going to say anyway! I think you should just test things out by sending him an invite. If he responds ask him if he would be your date. I hope it goes smoothly and keep us posted!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely ask him. Invitations are always a good idea. In the invitation ask him to give you a call or email.

If you tell him you're solo for the party and if he's worth his salt and "into you" he'll ask to be your date.

*Hug from Dorothy* Miss you bunches.

Katherine said...

Uh, Dude? Helloooooo! I guarantee the fact that you're asking him to come to your birthday party will clue him into the fact that you'd like him there as your date. If you want added insurance, simply mention that fact to S and his girlfriend and I'm sure they'll make sure he gets the message. ;) So, get on the phone and invite Texas Kowboy (see how I did that...his name starts with a "K"...) OH, and report back!!!!!!!!

Kukka-Maria said...

Ask. Ask. Ask.

I like the idea of sending an invitation (and soon, so he can make plans). It's non-threatening (for both of you).

Ask. Ask. Ask.

(I didn't get a full Tomcat Stable by sitting on my duff and letting them come to me! Wait. Yes, I did. Nevermind...)

Melli said...

I think you just invite him... and when he calls to respond, if he says yes, let him know that you would like him to be your date!

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with all of the advice you've been given so far. Ask him!!

Just wanted to add that MARRIED can suck sometimes too ;-)!!

Sparky Duck said...

One thing I will say, that the fact that K has said something to S about how you are does mean something.

Invite only, try to talk to him before the party.

Butterfly Kisses said...

I say go for it!

kim said...

Hi Carmen! This is Amy's friend Kim. I love your blog, and I'm just getting around to my first comment of many I've wanted to leave. I agree with Anthony. Invite him as a friendly/fun gesture with the idea of getting to know someone better. Let the night take it from there. Most of all - have fun, and let him see how much fun you can be. The rest will fall into place. :o)

angela said...

I think you should invite him, telling him that you ahve also invited the other friends (S)..then don't have a date for yourself and get S to kind of pave the way for you...letting him know that you were kind of hoping to have some time with him (or whatever).

This is fun and I hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

Invite him, hope he comes, and don't bring a date. Then, when he arrives at the party, make it a point to indicate that you don't have a date. Hang around him a lot, etc. Just see how it goes! Good luck. Oh, and if you need someone to go to Hawaii with you, just send the plane ticket to me.

One Scrappy Gal said...

It didn't let me leave a comment to today's TT so I'm trying to leave it here:

OH Carmen!!

I love snowmen too and have a lot on my tree!! I ADORE your snowman topper. Wherever did you find it?

Beautiful photos! We have so much in common!!

brandywine said...

Yup! Single does suck, but you can shore up that dilema by asking "K"...heck, even throw out the "I'd like you to come as my date" thing in there. I'm sure he's not too shy to say yes. You shared something and you are still in his mind. More women should have the nerve to ask. You'll do just fine!