Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Talent Show

Ya'll are a bunch of talentless bloggers! ;) Seriously, you've got to have SOME talent. Everybody can do SOMETHING. :)

Here are the folks who admit to having talent. Poll code is just too much brain work for me, so you'll have to post in comments which you think is the coolest talent.

Wystful1 can carry things with her toes. She demonstrates for you. "*toes curling* OBJECTS *[[OBJECTS]]* Walking away...see ya!!!" Renee can do the same thing, btw.

Goofy Girl, Melli and anglesarentfree can touch their nose with their tongue, but neither offered any photographic proof of this, so we must take their word for it. :) UPDATE: Goofy Girl DOES have photographic proof. It's in the comments section.

Toes seem to have been the talent theme, because Dianne can pinch you with hers. Stay away from her on St. Patty's day. :)

Becky says her kids can witness to the fact that she can throw things around walls. Interesting.

Kimba can tap dance, and karenw can make a sound like a bird with her tongue.

And Jim can do impressions. Bill Clinton, Bullwinkle, etc.

Then there's Amy, who has a talent for nagging, and I can seriously relate to that and PC Princess who has a talent for hitting her head, plus she can spell chihuahua correctly.

My winner pick is (drumroll) Dianne, because now I'm scared of her. :) Though Wystful1 comes in a close second, due to her demonstration. :)


Chi said...

Wow, there really are talented bloggers out there! *s*

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Look at my name in lights! Boy, I feel special. hehe

One Scrappy Gal said...

I can put a small stack of quarters on my bent elbow, flip my arm, and catch them in mid air. :)

I can roll an "o" with my tounge.

I can whistle the pink panther theme.

I taught myself how to hum.

Karen said...

Toes are scary...

Renee said...

DH gets grossed out when I pick up objects with my toes due to the whole stinky feet thing...but in order to pick up things with the toes they must not be confined in shoes...which means I am barefoot most of the time, preventing build up of stinkiness...but DH has issues.

Another talent I have is being able to talk a new mom into nursing her baby nonstop for 24 hours when she called me to figure out how to get her baby to stop nursing so much. hee hee

mar said...

So much talent around here!!!

Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com) said...

You should be scared of my cousin and me then, cause we used to throw things (rocks!) at each other with our toes! We're freaks!

I can spell chihuahua, too! Let me give you a secret...phonetics! cheee-hoooah-hoooah! Ok, that doesn't really work...but that's how I say it in my head when I'm spelling chihuahua!

I also have a talent, an extremely well used and honed one. What is it? Putting myself down, of course :-)

Anonymous said...

My sister can fold her tongue in HALF. Like fold the front part over onto the back part. It's pretty gross. We discovered that one day in church. Dad was snoozing during the sermon and I was flaring my nostrils at my sister and she folded her tongue at me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I can talk in a cool cartoon character voice! Does this count? Maybe you have to hear it to be the judge.

BTW- I'm going to be in town this weekend. I propose drinks in age-appropriate venues.

mcsanimations said...
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Amy said...

Wow, I feel so special being in your blog. We are some talented people! I put up new answers to questions today too!

Melli said...

Well I didn't KNOW photographic proof was required! I surely WOULD have submitted! LOL! But... I think ol' pinchy toes was probably a good winner... cuz if she didn't win she might come after you! ;) I'd be scared too! LOL!

(what did you win?)