Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fight Club

Don't make me have to fight you. Cuz I will, you know. I already beat Miss Doxie and Dave Barry's blog. Who's next? Hmmmmmmmm? Can you take me? Although I have a black eye and a few broken ribs from Go Fug Yourself. They kicked my patootie. I was using "Gone to Plaid: the blog" as the keyword, just fyi.


Red said...

I’m always up for a fight! (I’m sweet as a pussycat, really... prrrrrrrrr -- and that’s not a raspberry, it’s a pussycat purring, just in case it wasn’t clear!)

Anyway, I fought the Plaid, and the Plaid won -- but “only” by 53,000 hits.

And if I cheat and use just “Red-Letter Day” (instead of “Red-Letter Day: The Blog”) as my keyword, then I am the undisputed winner!! Yay!


Buffy said...

Google Fight?

(clicking now)

Amy said...

Google fight? I just kicked your patootie! I put in Life After College: The Blog!
Gone to Plaid: The Blog 356,000 results
Life After College: The Blog
49,300,000 results
*Raising fists over head*

Karen said...

yeah, you didn't feel up to challenging me, uh? that's ok, kicked your ass... only because of the obscene amount of losers who google 'does she love me?"-

Anonymous said...

Well, you just kicked my butt, but now I'm going to make you pay for my medical expenses.

Janet said...

you kicked my ass!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I fought the winter and summer Olympic games. Winter won. By a lot.

Melli said...

Hmmm... I'm dumb! I don't get it. When I tried to put us both in it didn't tell me who won! It just came up with one had lots and one had none... but it didn't say who the winner was.... figures... it's me...


Chi said...

I kicked butt...LOL

A_Blog_4_Chilady blog versus Gone to Plaid: the blog:

935,000,000 to 0

That is funny because I like your blog better than mine. *s*

~Krystyn~ said...

That's an awesome list and sounds like a great weekend is in store for you!! Can I go with you??? Please? :-) ENJOY!!

Anthony said...

It was a close one! 20,500 to 13,100.

BTW, it's friggin' hot and humid here in NJ, so I can't imagine being in VA right now ... it must be like Viet Nam. Not to mention the hail storm last night. I thought the place was under attack.

Also, feel your pain over condo grilling. I'm on the 2nd floor.