Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Men Are From Mars

If Men Are from Mars, Google has a map to help me hit the motherload. :) They've launched Google Mars, which is a map (several actually) that shows the mountains, canyons, dunes, etc. on the Red Planet. The only thing missing is the map to the men!

However, if there are really men on Mars, they might look like this.

I, personally, think Australians are from Mars (but I still love 'em!). Ever notice that the only time you'll see Australia featured in a news story, it's in the weird news department?

Like this story, where the military is thinking of getting rid of it's tough anti-drug policy to get more recruits into the army? Yes, I see, you want a bunch of crack smokers defending your shores. Good plan. Hey, it worked for U.S. politics, why not the Australian military?

Or this story, where a man was charged with "reversing futher than necessary", because, as he claims, reverse was the only gear that worked on the car. Just how far is necessary to reverse, I wonder?

And last, but not least, is the new Australian ad campaign, which asks, "Where the bloody hell are you?" I don't know why Britain is banning the ads. I mean, have you read the European cosmo? Seen the nudity on their commercials? They INVENTED the phrase, so why is it so offensive? Geesh, people.

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Mandi said...

I found the man on Mars! Kind of in the center...sorta blue...with a remote in his hand :)

OptyMyst said...

LOL carmen - i am not sure i would want a map to the men from mars.

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