Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (And TV Friday)

You're 45% Irish

You're probably less Irish than you think you are...
But you're still more Irish than most.

Your Irish Name Is...

Nuala O'Carroll

Leave me a comment and tell me how Irish you are and what your Irish name is. I want to know you Irish folks!

I scored 45% Irish, mostly because I've been to Ireland. :) It's a beautiful country, but it's annoying to visit with someone named Murphy. Everything was named Murphy. It's like they were after world domination. :) I even visited the Guiness brewery, where our "ticket" was a paperweight with a drop of Guiness inside. It's ok, I guess, if you like chewing your beer. :) The best part of Ireland was kissing the Blarney Stone (after which, I caught a heck of a cold) and seeing the Dingle Peninsula. By the way, kissing the Blarney Stone is more than just leaning over and kissing a rock. You tip some guy to hold your feet as you lean backwards into space to kiss a stone that's halfway down a wall, while they take your photo and charge you money for it later. It was a blast!


It seemed the luck 'o the Irish wasn't with Melissa on American Idol this week. I'm in this ridiculously complicated American Idol pool with some former coworkers. We picked who we thought the winner would be, second place, third place and a wild card. Then, we pick who we think will be voted off that week. How my friend Sean keeps all of this in a spreadsheet, I'll never know (he won last year, so the spreadsheet is suspect. ha.) We get a certain number of points if we're right, and if our picks are in the bottom 2 or voted off, we lose points. It's very confusing. I'm already 5 points down, because I thought Chicken Little would go home this week. Is America watching the same show I am? He was terrible, and he's annoying, thinking he's all that. Ugh. He wasn't even in the bottom 3!

Speaking of lucky, those lucky bastards on the Amazing Race got to go to Moscow! Dude, I am sooo going there next summer, unless George W. pisses them off, too, and they all want to shoot us. This man is seriously impeding my travel fun. The contestants got to race through Red Square (jealous!) to meet up with the Philinator, only to find out the race isn't over. Kinda early in the race to pull such a stunt, but I guess they're trying to not be so predictable.

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TNChick said...

I'm only 20% and my name is Fiona MacMahon

Kimmy said...

Kissing the Blarney Stone sounds kinda painful, but fun. I would love to go to Ireland. Minus a Murphy!

And the Guinness brewery... how fun. I haven't had Guinness in a long time.

I'm linking you up. I always lose you for some reason. And I'm way too lazy to scroll down my T13's ;)

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Mandi said...

I'm 50% Irish which is odd since im half Scotish.
And my Irish name is Nuala O'Reilly.

I think we were separated at birth Carmen.

Kimmy...i heard on the news a few days ago NOT to kiss the Blarney Stone. They figured out (somehow) how many zillions of germys and other nastys per square inch. Ick!

marie b. said...

I'm 100% Irish, mostly because I was actually born in Ireland. Heh.

My Irish name is Saoirse O'Connell, which is odd since I actually went to class with a girl who had that exact name.

Carmen said...

Oh yes, the Blarney Stone is one big petri dish. But how can you go all that way to Ireland and not kiss the darn thing?

Thanks all, for sharing your quiz results. :)

Ananke said...

I'm only 30% Irish and my Irish name is Orla Brennan. :-D

Slap said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I just love yours!!
Ok.... says I'm 60% Irish, well thats a shock lol!! and my name: Jacinta Gallagher *YUCK* lol Have a great week! and Happy St Patricks Day!!

Slap said...

Hey! Is it ok if I add you to my Delusional Friends list lol?? I do like your bloggie

threecollie said...

I hit 70% (probably because I swear so fluently).
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your blog doesn't load for me on blogmad (probably my glacial dial up connection) so it was wonderful to get a chance to actually see it.

vera said...

I married an irish man so now my freaking last name is sweeney
you cant get anymore irish than that

Kimmy said...

Just thought it was cool... I'm surfing blogs on Blog Mad, and I got your site. Yay! Somebody I know! (Doesn't take much to excite me! :p)