Friday, March 10, 2006

It's TV FRIDAY: Spoil Sports

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TiVo has changed the way people watch TV. No longer am I rearranging plans to watch my favorite shows. I record them on TiVo and watch when it's convenient for ME.

So I turn on the Today show Thursday morning and Katie and Matt ruin my fun by interviewing the winner of Project Runway. They didn't even makean announcement, like "If you don't want to know who won Project Runway, don't watch, because we're interviewing the winner up next. I'm like "Dudes! I haven't watched it yet. Don't make me have to come down there." Ugh. I'm thinking of writing a very strongly-worded letter to NBC.

So enough of that particular soapbox.

What was on my TiVo this week? Let's talk TV *SPOILER ALERT* (See how easy that was?)

- Project Runway: I was rooting for Chloe the whole time. I thought Santino was an ass, but I did like Daniel as well. Cute kid.

- Amazing Race: Am I getting sick of the show? Did the horrendous Family Edition sour me forever? Can we get Boston Rob to come back on? Two weeks and three hours of the show later, we're still in Brazil. The show's hook for me was travel. If you're not going to travel, call it the Mediocre Race. I still like the hippy guys, but I'm tired of the frat boys talking about getting into the Pink Girls' pants. Dude, they might look pink and dumb, but if they fall for your crap, they deserve you. Maybe it's still early, but I don't think we've seen enough of the teams' personality to pick someone to love and someone to hate.

- Lost: A rerun? Why? Did all those arrests of cast in Hawaii throw of the shooting schedule or something? Give me more episodes people!

- American Idol: I only ever get to watch the guys perform, so I'd imagine that I'll be losing the pool I'm in. Ace sang almost an entire song in falsetto. A little is ok, but a lot is annoying. So what if he's cute? Of course, my other problem is that the two guys that are pretty talented Chris and Elliott are a bit hard on the eyes. And this Bucky guy? Can someone bring me the hair clippers and a razor? And did Taylor have a seizure or something? That was dancing? Oh. Um. Ok.

- Beautiful People: It's back on ABC Family. It was mildly entertaining last year. It is cliche and boring this year. I believe I'll remove the season pass.

- Real World: They need to just let this show die a peaceful death now. It's just a bunch of immature kids romping around Key West. Oh, and girl with an eating disorder. Strap her down and force feed her. It's a drama queen party. I might have to remove this season pass, too. Except I want to see the hurricane blow them away.

- Bones: I'm trying very hard to keep supporting my ex-Buffy peeps, and David Boreanez, while not the brightest bulb in the bunch, does a good job on the show. But every episode is the same as the one before. It's getting stale.

- A new season of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is on its way. Now with more sarcasm! Yea!

- I'm looking forward to the seaon finales tonight of Battlestar Galactica and Stargage Atlantis. What will I TiVo on Fridays now?

- Nashville Star has a new season starting on Monday. I always think the talent is better on this show than American Idol. Plus, the artists are a bit older, too.

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Mandi said...

And onto my American Idol rant...

Bucky needs some shampoo and someone to show him how to shave the pubescent facial hair he is attempting to grow.

But Chris?! But you know i have a thing for bald guys :)

Janet said...

I just ranted about AI, though I like it so you might not.

I love Chris and Taylor.

monica said...

don't even get me started about LOST! I am SOOOO disappointed this season. BOOO!!!!

Mandi said...

I love Taylor. From the beginning! So much fun to watch and you can feel the energy! I think he is channeling Joe Cocker.

Chris is just hot. Thats all. Just hot. Yumm

apositivepessimist said...

shew i just love coming across a blog that has denise’s design on it.

in the past i have always enjoyed the amazing race...still waiting to get into this latest one...but i’m sure i will. so far i like the hippy dudes as well :) the frat guys were too up themselves but i guess that’s to be expected eh.

WendyWings said...

The Amazing Race gets better keep watching ;)

Guppyman said...

Bucky Rules!

Meka said...

Got here through BEX, like it here. I rarely comment so Yeah for You! :)