Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday 13: My Favorite Things

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about CARMEN

I thought I'd try this on Thursdays, moving my TV commentary to Fridays. Hey, they're all days that end in "y", right?

Thirteen Of My Favorite Things in no particular order
  1. Matthew McConaughey (except when he was interviewed by Barbara Walters last week. Could she be any more giddy and stupid around this man?) But then, I wouldn't be able to speak clearly myself, what, with all the hormones. Damn Penelope!
  2. Steak. Yep, it's my favorite meal. Cooked medium well, add a splash of A-1 and some kind of potato concoction and I'm good to go.
  3. Hearing my cat purr. It's one of the best sounds in the world. It relaxes me, and lets me know I'm loved. Awwwwww.
  4. My iPod. I love to crank it up in the car, in the living room, wherever. Screw hearing loss. I SAID SCREW HEARING LOSS.
  5. My TiVo. How did I ever live without my little bonks and dings and bloops?
  6. Traveling. I just returned from Australia, and I've also been to Italy, France, Ireland, Aruba, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, NY, etc. Next trip? EGYPT!
  7. Photography. I inherited this from my mom. She was nuts about taking pics of us as kids. Now, I take pics of my travel experiences, and I'm trying to get them published.
  8. Writing. I just finished a book called the List (any agents out there interested in a quirky romantic comedy?)
  9. That feeling you get at night when you first lie down in bed at night. It makes me go "ahhh."
  10. Singing. I'm the wacko you see rocking out in the car at stoplights. I also enjoy singing in the choir at church. We have some awesome music!
  11. Being in Love. One of these days, I'll be in love for real. Anyone know any nice single men? :)
  12. Watching new episodes of "Lost" and the "Amazing Race", and watching old episodes of "Buffy" - the best show EVER.
  13. Hanging with friends. I had a birthday dinner in January with about 10 of my good friends, old and new, and looked around the table and thought how lucky I was!
and 13.5 = MY NEW TEMPLATE. (Thanks Denise!)

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  2. Lindsey from whom I got the Thirteen code, and a fellow ACC girl!
  3. Ficklechick I love her site design!
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  5. Norma: I applied to be her daughter-in-law
  6. Frog Legs: the first person I've ever met from Idaho!
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  16. KDubs who lives near Lady Bug Crossing, and so therefore must be down the highway from me too! Holla to the NoVa folks!
  17. Mandi She gave into my peer pressure and did her first Thursday 13 too!

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Denise said...

Very nice list!

Matthew and steak...yummy! Two great things!

Thanks for stopping by my 13!

Melli said...

Wow! You've done a LOT of traveling! I would love to visit a few places on this big old planet Earth... the main one being Greece! I'm on the Greece campaign trail! (saving my pennies) Your kitty is a cutie! ( I love a good purr too...)

My list is up!

Ficklechick said...

I'll take a #1 to go, and super size it! lol

Mine are up!

Carmen said...

Melli, I couldn't find your blog address in your profile to add you. I hope you come back! Anyone know Melli's blog address?

Dawn said...

Great list.

Mine up!

Norma said...

What? You haven't seen my post with a daughter-in-law application? And my constant harping on decibles?

Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Dariana said...

Got to agree with you and Denise on Matthew and Steak. OMG, what a combination. tee hee hee.

Love the layout and I also wonder what our Prez is smoking, lol. We would make a great tag team for an interview with him.

Happy TT and Welcome also. Its always a lot of fun!

FrogLegs said...

Saw your pictures- they are LOVELY!!! Welcome to TT-- lots of fun stuff to learn! And this is how I "met" so many awesome people! Mine is up

Judas said...

1) Pianos, 2) Pigs, 3) Hats, 4) Ingmar Bergman, 5) Posh Nosh's burgers, 6) Paziol in France 7) The National Gallery in London 8) Katherin Hepburn 9) The smell of diesel and Candy floss, 10) Red wine, 11) My bed, 12) Staying in it 13) A copy of Kind Hearts and Corrents that I browed from a friend just before he died.

Kimmy said...

I love your profile pic. It makes me smile.
Your list is great. I'm going to copy and paste it for next week... because I wouldn't have to change anything. Well, change the cat to a dog, and I'm set ;)
Glad you're doing the 13. It's awesome! (sometimes a little overwhelming if you feel like you have to visit everyone that does it.) Lots of lovely people to "meet"!
My list is up, too!

Kimmy said...

Melli's blog address:

d.challener roe said...

I like the template (just my 2¢)

Thanks for stopping by My 13

Dawn said...

just love Matthew! Love your look and I got mine from Denise too. She is so talanted!

Mine are up!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Love your blog! Isn't Denise the best? I love NoVA!! I live way out in the country. Not too much traffic around here, but get up on 66 and you stop!!

Ardice said...

I'm with you on #1, #2, #3 and #12. I envy you doing all that traveling. I traveled quite a bit before I married but hubby hates to travel.

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Have a great day. Take-Care...

*~Tey~* said...

please link link to my thursday thirteen.

*~Tey~* said...

by the way. I like your profile. I have alot of the same interests as you, only I often forget what to write in my profile, so it doesn't show everything I'm interested in. i like 80's music...even though i was only born in 87 and can honestly say that i do't remember much. but maybe that's why i like it. my sub-conscience or something. lol! have a great day

Mama Kelly said...

if they undercook your steak -- I'll take it

monica said...

Excellent list and hey, I live not far from the bug!!!!!!!!

Mandi said...

Ok chica...did the 13!

Caryn said...

Very nice list! I love quirky romantic comedies; have written a few of them myself, in fact. :-) This most recent one is chick lit, though. And as for hearing my cat purr, I just hugged him tightly to my chest a few minutes ago, buried my face in his fur, and listened to him purr and purr and purr. I can't begin to describe how much I enjoy doing that, but I suspect you know what I'm talking about! And I love photography, too. Do you have a photoblog of your own? I finally set one up at since my regular blog was turning into a photoblog!

Sorry to take so long to reply. It's been a busy week.

Santosh said...

Hey cool blog design,Now see some illusions

FRIGGA said...

You had me laughing with #1 :P

I'm right there with you on #11!!!

I'm here via Sparky Duck :-)