Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Brinking Druken News to You, One Whisky at a Time

Please don't let my friend Shana read this. (Shana, close your eyes, and no peeking.) I say this, because he is the only person I know that would actually try this stuff, and his girlfriend would kill me if he tried it because of something I wrote.

A Scottish whisky producer has announced that they will produce 12 barrels of 184-proof whisky - that's 92% alcohol for those of you that would prefer not to do the math. (I didn't do the math either, I cheated and read the story.) Although the Bruichladdich distillery didn't want to get people's hopes up too much. They are going to install a Web cam for people to watch the process, but that's only "If the distillery doesn't explode during the process." Well, that's a given.

And in related drunken news, I'm behind the times. I knew you could drink alcohol, but I wasn't aware that it was available in breathable form. According to the story, there's a lot of "hoo-ha" about the machine that provides the breathable spirits. (I did not know that's how hoo-ha was spelled. Did I know it was a word? I think the better phrase, from the subject, would've been "it's causing quite the brew-ha-ha." Ha ha.) It kind of reminds me of the flavored oxygen machines that friend Monica and I discovered in Las Vegas. I reserve the right to remain skeptical.

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planetmoron said...

I once did a shot of grain alcohol which I believe is 220 proof. Impossible you say? Obviously you are not familiar with string theory which hypothesizes the existence of additional dimension not a single one of which has been proven to be alcohol free.

Anyway, it was a bad idea.

Oh, and I actually blogged about breathable alcohol.

Yes, I have “a bit” of time on my hands.

Tricia said...

I can just imagine all the fun some people could have with breathable oxygen. I got a picture in my mind of people that are on oxygen therapy, you know the people that HAVE to walk around with oxygen tanks all the time, treating themselves to a little hit of breathable alcohol. Heck they have half the equiptment needed to do it anyways so why not. :)
As for oxygen bars- I'm in Toronto, home of the very first oxygen bar in the world! see for more info. I used to live just down the street from the O2Spa, but alas, didn't partake.
Tricia- thanks for the visit Carmen

Anonymous said...

I live in England & have been up to Scotland many times. My favorite place is Skibo Castle --> famous for the marriage ceremony of Mr. & Mrs. Madonna. I, myself, got engaged for the first time in a row boat on a lake in the grounds of Skibo Castle. Fantastic place. . . my point is that the Bruichladdich distillary is just minutes away & WOW that place is awesome. They do make the finest whiskey in the world. It's very hard to get your hands on a bottle. I don't usually partake in drinking spirits, but would make an exception for a wee dram of Bruichladdich. I am going to research how to have a taste of this new super powered whiskey. Wish me luck, hopefully I won't die from acute alcohol poisoning. I've really enjoyed your blog--> I shall add to favorites.

Carmen said...

I couldn't try the oxygen, nor could I breathe alcohol! Have no tolerance. Thanks Anon., for adding to favorites. Leave your blog next time, and I'll return the favor!

Planet Moron and Tricia, I shall return to your blogs again!