Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blog This!

It's been a full week since I began blogging here, and I'm discovering lots of new things. I've managed to add counters (so I can sign on 10 times a day and still be depressed that I'm the only one moving the damn numbers), I've added an email update button (to which no one has subscribed. And you call yourselves my friends), and I'm learning what the hell a blogroll is and how to speak the computer geek language. I've managed to earn $2.86 from my Google ads (Early retirement is just around the corner) and if you people don't start frappr-ing yourself on my map, I'm going to have to take drastic measures. I might have to post more stories about underwear. Don't make me do it, because I will!

I think it's pretty clear that I have no earthly idea what I'm doing. But I thought I'd share links to two sites that clearly have it together.

First, Miss Doxie and her crazy dogs and even crazier boyfriend keep me highly entertained. I mean, the poor girl had to dress up like an elf at her office Christmas party, and posted pictures of herself. Now that's sacrificing for your readers, people! (If you subscribe to my site, I might just sacrifice for you, too!)

Another site I came accross yesterday through BlogExplosion was Jenny's It's All Greek to Me. I loved the design, and she had all the bells and whistles, plus interesting posts. I think I managed to insult her when I emailed (great Carms, way to ingratiate yourself to the blogging community) asking that she put her semi-professional eye on my site and give comments. Well, she's a Web designer by trade, so she's not semi-professional, she is ACTUAL professional.

I can only hope that my blog can someday measure up. I mean Miss Doxie had over 70 comments on her newest post. 70! I'd get excited for just one comment. Oh, dare to dream! :)

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Mandi said...

Read it...loved the Australian post!

More pics of street signs please :)

I should add the google ads too..im with ya on the early retirement!

Whitewhitch said...

Just to cheer you up..Hi! Love your site. Take a look at mine as you like photography. Maybe not your taste but enjoy anyway. There only 69 more comments to go. Whose website had 70 hits on it? Was told didn't excist when l tried it from your blog!! Keep blogging.

Jan said...

I like your sense of humor and your blog is well designed and easy to read. keep at it.

Any suggestions on my blog would be wecome (but probably ignored hehehe)

Carmen said...

Thanks all, for the comments. Jan, read your blog and posted. Mandi, you're on my blog link list now, and whitewitch, thanks for doing the frappr map. You rock!