Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Seems to Me They're Not Doing it Right

Ugh, it's snowing yet again here. When will winter be over? When will THEN be NOW?

Canadian students, however, don't let the winter stop them. There was a survey that showed that 87% of those surveyed admitted to having sex over IM or using a Web cam. Now, I understand they are Canadian, eh, which brings certain inate challenges, but something tells me that they're not thinking through the actual definition of "sex." They're calling it a virtual sexual revolution, I'm calling it funny. Seriously, who funds these ridiculous studies?

Perhaps it's this man (ha ha, just kidding. The CIA has no sense of humor), who killed his roommate because there was no toilet paper in the house. Please, you don't kill a man over this, you kill him over leaving the seat up. Geesh, don't people know anything? Not putting the toliet paper on the roll correctly (the paper should go over, not under) possibly deserves a beating about the head, and not putting toilet paper on the roll at all is a yelling offense.

Speaking of beatings, miracles do happen. My alma mater - Virginia - beat #11 Boston College last night. My favorite quote from the story? "Just getting those shots, it was basically like me alone in the gym." Dude, do NOT interview first years, please. They have no idea what they're talking about. Generally, Virginia's problem is that they play like they're alone in the gym, and we do not want to know what happens when they are alone in the gym. ;)

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