Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An Olympic Parade of Hotness

Astute blog reader Monica sent me a link to a Web site of hot Olympians after listening to me go on and on about the Parade of Nations in the otherwise boring opening ceremonies of the Olympics. What I was most surprised about was where the hotness was coming from. First, there was Albania. Albania? A) Where is that? and B) How do I get there? Then of course, there was the Russian contingent. Hello salty goodness! I could possibly deal with six months of darkness and vodka drinking if I could snuggle up to that! And of course, the Americans had their own share of hotness, but most of them couldn't be served alcohol. I will say that Appolo Anton Ohno looked really good in his Olympic hat. I'm thinking of getting one for myself - it was that cool.

When I went to the hot Olympians site yesterday, I got a disturbing screen that explained how the Olympics had contacted the owner, asking him to remove the site for A) the name and B) the advertising that was associated with the site - it was against the rules for the atheletes to be involved in advertising when competing in the Games. Oh! So that's why the snowboarders make sure to show their brand of snowboard, and why one of the skiers had a Tommy Hilfiger logo on his ski jacket. It's all so clear to me now. Anyway, the new Web site, for those of you who are interested, is http://men.hotathletes.org/ (there's a link on the site for hot women as well - I don't want to let my male readers down!)

Albania's still got my vote. I gotta go find a map.

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GreekGoddess said...

Albania is a small country located right above Greece in the Balcans in Europe.
Want em to send ya a map or heck take you with me when I got to my gamily in Greece? LOL