Friday, February 24, 2006

iPods Rock! (Is That an iPod in Your Pants, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?)

What I ever did without my little photo iPod I will never know. If I was on Lost, it would be a sad day when the batteries ran out and the music died.

I just love all the accessories for the iPod. Girls, get ready to play musical pants (it's sweeping the nation!). This isn't just another excuse for me to talk about men's underwear - ok, it is, BUT - you knew it was bound to happen, it's the iPod boxer. There's nothing really special about these pants, they're not "plugged in" or anything, there's just a convenient little pocket to hold his iPod. I love innovation, don't you?

Men, if you can part with your iPod long enough to take it out of your underwear, and are comfortable with the color pink, you can buy an iPod tie.

But wait, there's more. The snowboarders in this year's Olympics had ski jackets that were wired so that they could rock out to AC/DC or Zepplin as they are throwin' down 720s in the half pipe. For a mere $3000, you could have your own.

Of course, you want to be stylin' when carrying your iPod. I mean, a $20 case isn't enough, you really want to show off with a Kate Spade, Coach or Gucci designer case. Of course, I can't bring myself to spend the money on a Coach purse, so I can't imagine spending $60 on an iPod case, but then, I do want to protect it and keep it safe and look cool. Maybe that's something I can ponder with my tax refund.

I'm off to impair my hearing with my ear buds. Later.

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