Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Travel withdrawal

Is there such a thing as travel withdrawal? I think I've got all the symptoms. Longing for an exotic destination. Complaining about the cold, wintry weather and longing for a warm locale. Looking up airfare costs while ignoring the "no income" reality of unemployment. Yep, I've got travel withdrawal.

I'm not sure why I've got withdrawal. I mean, it's only been two and a half months since our last trip to Las Vegas. Many people only go on one trip per year, we went on three last year alone (one was our honeymoon!)

The fact is that I generally don't come home from one trip before planning another. And I really enjoy the research and planning that goes into a trip. As Steinbeck said "we don't take a trip, a trip takes us." And right now, there's no trip planned. There's no way to really plan a trip either, until some of these interviews start paying off.

I think I've decided to plan a few trips - and just not take them right now. I'll plan a trip for every season - Galapagos in the winter, Prague in the spring, Croatia in the summer, and maybe Russia in the fall.

Where do you think I should "plan" my fake trip? I'm hoping that's the cure for what ails me. :)

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