Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Or Happy Holidays or whatever you celebrate. :)

We got back from Las Vegas just before the 3 1/2 feet (inches! I meant inches! For Vegas, it seemed like feet) of snow fell on the Strip. We did see some flurries while we were there, but I'm really glad we missed the airport closing and such.

Since we've been back, it's been a swirl of "stuff." We spent all morning on Monday in the ER, because Jim got a stomach flu Christmas present. I'm now washing my hands every 2 minutes trying not to get it myself.

However, it's still the holidays, and here is my holiday treat for you, while I work on getting the other Las Vegas stuff ready for viewing.

The first is a Bellagio Fountain treat, with the water dancing to a Christmas tune, and the second is a slideshow of Las Vegas Christmas images.

Hope Santa is good to all!


Melli said...

Oh my GOSH! I wanna do Vegas at CHRISTMAS time! It's waaaaaaay better than New York! WOW! I love those tin soldiers at the Bellagio!

Renee said...

Merry Christmas to you, Jim & Pooh. I hope that Jim is feeling better soon and that he doesn't share this with you. I'm gonna share your pix with dd. DH & I keep telling her about the Bellagio but w/o the pictures it's just hard for her to imagine. She would love to go & see it in person, but I really don't think that she's old enough.
I have a friend who lives there, how crazy was the snow... We're wondering if this has a bigger meaning. someplace very hot has frozen over. LOL!

Janet said...

3 and 1/2? feet? of snow? on the Strip??? NO WAY!!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Happy Holidays to all of you as well!

Amy said...

I hope Jim is feeling better. Happy Holidays!!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

How I LOVE LV!!!

I do hope that the stomach flu passed you by and that your sweetie is much better now.

May your new year bring you joy together and happiness surrounds you both.