Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday 13 v. 65 Cruise News

Thirteen Pieces of Cruise News from Carmen

    1. Princess Cruises is having one heck of a cruise sale to Europe in 2009, plus some bonus incentives, like a $100 on-board credit, a reduced deposit and a $120 coupon book.

    2. A comparison of a traditional hotel stay verses a cruise vacation comes down on the side of a cruise vacation every time. For instance, a Caribbean hotel/air stay is around $372 a day, and the cruise is $365.

    3. You could cruise for free if you're the leader of a group or club. Book 15 people, and the leader can go for free. Some ships have fewer restrictions.

    4. I have a new cruise group on Facebook, called Cruise Fun and Deals. It's open to anyone on crackbook, so sign up. :)

    5. Travel Industry Association (TIA) and the Air Transport Association (ATA) both urged Congress and the Bush administration to take action to shore up the credit markets, which provide much-needed support to travel businesses at every level. *My comment, no s*** Sherlock.

    6. If you want to go on a cruise in high season, for example, the Caribbean in the spring, booking 6 months in advance is not a bad idea.

    7. The much-heralded Celebrity Solstice set sail this week, on September 29. You can read more about it here.

    8. October 19-October 25 is World Explorer Week. There are going to be some great cruise offers during this week. Check back here for more information.

    9. The Disney Magic went into dry dock, and came out with some enhancements.

    10. On September 27, the Queen Mary 2 completed its 100th transatlantic crossing. When she arrived in New York, she had logged 711,288 nautical miles since her debut. Other stats include: More than 229,000 guests crossing the North Atlantic,, 450 pets crossing the North Atlantic, 97,000 pounds of lobster served and enough tea served to fill nearly five Olympic-sized swimming pools

    11. If you happen to have 108 vacation days in 2010, you can set sail on a world cruise with Crystal Cruises.

    12. The Miami Herald has a good story on which cruises are best if you have teenagers.

    13. As always, I encourage you to visit our cruise site, Expedia CruiseShipCenters Website (and enter to win a cruise.)

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colleen said...

When I look at the ship and think about being on it for days, I get sort of claustrophobic.

I though McCain's "you don't understand" was like Gore's sighing and kind of condescending. Like you I wanted Obama to bite back a little more.

Gattina said...

Cruises are wonderful ! I made one through the mediterranian see and it won't be my last one !

Hootin' Anni said...

I know of some people who book cruises a least A YEAR in advance.

Happy Thursday Carmen

Renee said...

Tylenol doesn't work for me...but I did take drugs. ;)

Janet said...

I wonder if the Disney ship enhancements included pirates...hmmm...

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We love cruising! And that was a lot of great information.. now to get 15 people together so I can go free!