Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Price You Pay

We got a great deal on our upcoming Barbados trip, which starts in 11 days. However, I'm now wondering if I took into consideration the price of worrying about the actual GETTING THERE.

So here we are, closely watching the tropics. We've got Gustav threatening the Gulf Coast, which doesn't affect our trip (because it's all about me, you know) - but makes the oil speculators go nutso. And you know the price of oil never comes down as fast as it goes up. Grrr.

Then, we've got tropical depression 8, to be known as Hanna. Its current track keeps it in the Atlantic until Monday, but it's really too early to tell what's going to happen there. If it's going to do something, I hope it does it next week, because NOTHING needs to be stormy on September 8. Like it is here today, thanks to crappy old Faye. I know we need the rain, but I don't have to like the soggy.

Once we're there, I don't know that I care so much about getting home on time. Ha! If my choice is tropical paradise or flying home in a hurricane, I'm going with hammocks and drinks with umbrellas in them. I just don't want to be stuck on a little teeny island with a big ol' storm coming at me. Barbados isn't typically in the hurricane belt, but never say "never."

In other Carmen news, I have started the book self-publishing process. The manuscript has been submitted, the cover illustration has been designed, and the wonderfully talented Goofy Girl has started work on the blog design. I've been researching and researching and I'm so excited to share my book with the world. I'll definitely have a virtual book signing so that you guys can get an autographed copy. I'll have a virtual launch party, too. If you guys are on Facebook, I invite you to invite me as a friend as well! (just be sure to tell me you're from the blog world in your message, so I know you're not a stalker.)

And the BF and I are leaning towards getting into the travel biz. I think we're close to deciding to become travel agents, selling mostly cruises. I'm just going to go out of my way to help people book their trips, and hopefully use my vast travel know-how to get folks the best trips ever. More info to come on that as well.


Janet said...

awesome choice of work for you, Carmen! Good luck in that and with your book :-)

Goofy Girl said...

ooo trip is so soon!!! fun !! :)

Will cross my fingers that there are no storms!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Ah keep us posted on the book thing--and when THAT blog is set! :). Also we'll be looking forward to the travel agency part of it (you know Chey needs some luggage... :))

colleen said...

Hi Carmen, I agree about the Miracle Suits. And I know you wear bathing suits a lot in your far flung travels, so you should know.

Renee said...

ooh I hope you have a safe and storm free trip. I know my brother & SIL went to FL during a hurricane and SIL nearly killed brother over it. LOL!

Can't wait for the book.

~Virginia~ said...

i really hope your barbados trip works out. hurricanes suck suck suck. gulf coast living takes getting used to!

very excited for the book! keep me posted on the cruise planning idea! jason and i may be your first customers! :)

Red said...

Maybe you got a good deal because it was hurricane season?

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be just fine. Hannah and Ike are just tropical storms... To turn it into a romantic experience, just drag the BF out of the hotel and make out in the rain! ;D

*~Puzzle~* said...

Wow this books sounds great. I totally will want it signed and I will add you on facebook. I hope your trip goes awesomly. I so want to sit on a beach with a umbrella in my drink and a big floppy sun hat...a girl can dream.