Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hoover Dam Stopover

On the way to the Grand Canyon, I got to cross the Hoover Dam (for the first time, I'd seen it from the air a few times.)

It looks like they're currently building a bridge over this monster of architecture - it's really high, and I think I'd be kinda scared to drive over it, but I'm not their target market. Traffic slows WAY down over the winding road that crosses the dam, but I think that might be more the fault of ogglers than anything else (okay, well, the road IS quite winding.)

I decided to forgo the actual tour of the place, but we did park our Audi rental car and walk around for some photo ops.

I'm not sure how many of you know that the dam also straddles two states, Nevada and Arizona. In the movie Fools Rush In, there's a scene where Selma Hayek crosses over a line on the road that has Arizona on one side and Nevada on the other, and tosses a coin into the water. That line is no longer in the road, and I'm not sure how she could've hit water with the coin, but that's the power of movies.

Anyway, we DID walk from one state to the other. Here's a video of me going from Nevada to Arizona. (Ugh, I didn't realize how awful the back of my hair looked. Sigh.)

And here are some photos from our stop at the Hoover Dam.


Janet said...

I heard recently that the water is at it's lowest point ever there...did you notice?

Renee said...

The dam looks just like it did when we were last there (I was pregnant with DD at the time, so that would have been in 1997.) It was just as noisy when we crossed the state border too. LOL!

As far as the movie "Fools Rush In" there has NEVER been a line painted on the dam marking the border...they just did that through the magic of movies.

We didn't do the tour had to book it in advance. I think if we ever take DD there, we'll have to do the tour...AND get a picture of the two of us in the same spot that we have a picture of me from the last time. LOL!

~Virginia~ said...

i read somewhere that they painted that line on specifically for the movie and left it on for a while. been to hoover dam, but never driven over it. very nice!

Goofy Girl said...

I've never been, but it is pretty impressive looking!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

wow! Look it's the same time in Nevada and Arizona! Cool.d

colleen said...

Hi Carmen, I'm pretty sure there's a place where the 4 states meet. I LOVED the Grand Canyon. When Joe and I were there, we hiked down to the Havasupi Reservation where they have Caribbean blue water and falls.

Red said...

It sure looks windy up there!