Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vegas Tips

I think I've mentioned it about a googillian times (as Ben Stiller said), but next week, I'm going to Las Vegas. This will be my 5th trip to Sin City, and I've managed to accumulate some helpful information that I'd like to share with you.

1. Bring comfy shoes: You're at New York, NY. You want to walk to Paris, Hotel. It's right there! A half hour later, it's still right there! The scale of everything in Vegas is a trick. There will be lots of walking.

2. Go in the spring or in the fall: During the summer, it's scorching hot. You may get better deals, because everyone else has decided that melting their shoes on the asphalt isn't what they want to do. The weather in the spring and fall is terrific.

3. Make reservations: If there's a restaurant you want to try, or a spa treatment you want to get, call and make a reservation. Up to a month in advance for restaurants, and most spas do their calendar a week or two out.

4. If you want to play table games, head to Freemont Street: Downtown Las Vegas is the home of the $3 blackjack table, whereas it'll cost you at least $15 per hand on the Strip. On Freemont Street, you can play longer for less money, and the slots are a bit more loose. Plus, there's the free light show after dusk.

5. Speaking of free, you'll find several attractions that are: Watch the fountains at Bellagio, watch the volcano explode at the Mirage, watch the Sirens show at Treasure Island, and just mosey through the theme hotels.

6. Take a day trip: After about 3 days, the clinking and dinging and smoke starts to get to you. This year, we'll go to the Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon.

7. Bring lots of ones. You'll do more tipping than anything else. And bring your cash with you. While getting cash out of the ATMS in the casinos, you'll feel like you're "winning", but really, you're losing, because of the ridiculous ATM fees.

I really need a vacation. Four days left. :)


~Virginia~ said...

i'm woefully behind on my blog reading. sigh. jason and i actually found a really good deal for vegas around memorial day, but it's probably gone by now. ah, well. hope you guys have a wonderful time! eat a crepe for me!

Renee said...

DH & I like to see Carl Ferris (the Safe Sax Jazz guy) on Freemont St. The first (& last) time we saw him we wondered if we should have bought his CD...and now we are kicking ourselves for not doing it!!! DH has been back to Vegas since then, but hasn't made the trip down to Freemont to see if he's there. A friend of mine went there recently, but she didn't see him there...I'm thinking they went too early.

I totally agree with the time of year tip...Winter is a good time to go too.

OH and I have an awesome tip for you... most of the hotels that we've stayed at have those time share booths in Excalibur it's on your way to your room. A way to avoid the time share vultures is to split up. If you walk by as a couple...they're gonna bugg you...but if you split up, they leave you alone! It was awesome. I would walk about 5 feet ahead of DH and we would meet up at the security desk to head up to the room. Only got bugged one time...since we had our bags with us on the way to the room and really couldn't split up then.

DH travels to Vegas on business. He has player cards at all his favorite places...and they send him deals all the time. For the trip he is taking on the 27th he'll be at one hotel for a few days on business and then switch for some free stuff and play afterward.