Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thursday 13 v. 61 - The Summer

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Thirteen Things I Love About Summer

  1. The sunshine

  2. The Warmth

  3. Daylight Savings Time

  4. Lightning Bugs

  5. Sitting outside

  6. Friends with beach houses

  7. Going to theme parks

  8. I have more engergy

  9. Fairs and carnivals

  10. Outdoor concerts

  11. The flowers bloom

  12. Painted toenails in sandals

  13. Summer clothes! (And seeing "the guy" in shorts. ha ha)

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Renee said...

Good stuff about summer. I like being warm and going camping.

but these early TT's mess me up...I invited a friend to something for "tomorrow" when it doesn't happen until Friday!

Goofy Girl said...

Summer is a wonderful time :D

Jane said...

I love your list. I am a fan of painted toes too. I got my pedicure just this week!
My T13 is up.

Norma said...

A great summer list. Especially like the longer days and outdoor concerts.

My TT is up.

amy said...

summer rocks..I want to go to an outside movie this summer..

Adelle said...

The ONE thing I DON'T like about summer? It's not long enough! Thanks for sharing!

Darla said...

Ah, summer. Warmth, and no school. Everything else is just a bonus. :)

Raven Paranormal Blog said...

Great list!

Janet said...

I love lightning bugs, too!

Julia said...

I like summer the same reason you do too *grin* the moment I would love to be at the beach right now....tanning and...seeing "the guy" *grin*

Happy T 13! Have a good day

colleen said...

It's so green and not too hot yet! I love living on my porch.

mar said...

Awww, lightning bugs!!! they are wonderful!
I love pre-summer time over here before it gets too hot (like "the guy" in shorts, lol)
happy tt!

Virginia said...

I wear sandals practically year-round thanks to Houston's crazy, muggy weather. We get about 2 weeks of "cold" (50 degrees) weather and that's pretty much it. Sigh.

kailani said...

I try to stay away from theme parks during the summer - too hot for me! Unless it's a water park!

Renee said...

Darly answered your questions.

Melli said...

Hm. Nice legs, huh?