Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You Write the Blog Trois

More of your enquiries :)

Julia and Robin want 8 random things. (No tagging here, but if you wanna do it, knock yourself out!)
1. I love TV
2. Summer is my favorite season
3. I would like to move West, where it's warm all year
4. I'm a planner, almost to a fault
5. I have ant problems in my new house. They go after Pooh's food.
6. I think WAY too much about things.
7. I don't like vegetables
8. I like to have the pedicurist paint designs on my big toe when I get them done.

Zeus wants to know if there's one place that I haven't been that I'm dying to go to. Well, that would be basically ANYWHERE I haven't been, but since my Australia dream trip is done, my new dream trip is to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

One Scrappy Gal wants to know if I've been working on my scrapbooks and wants a movie suggestion. Well, I did the last one for my Hawaii trip. I haven't really had any other pictures to put in a scrapbook in a while. I'm sure I'll have photos after Punta Cana. I haven't seen a really good NEW movie in a while. I'll be seeing Pirates of the Carribean 3 I guess, along with Oceans 13 and of course Harry Potter. I'm thinking of downloading The Good Shepard on OnDemand.

Chey wants to know how Pooh Bear got his name, and what's the most frightened I've ever been. I was born on the same day as A.A. Milne, the author of Winnie the Pooh. I have a collection of classic Pooh stuff, and just love that silly ol' bear. So had I gotten a yellow cat, his name would've been Tigger. But my black and white kitty got the name Pooh Bear. :) And the most frightened I've ever been? Golly, that's hard. I've been really scared about a few things that I couldn't share with the blog world, but I WAS really scared when I graduated from college. What would I do? And yes, I'm scared now with "the guy" because I remember what it feels like to have your heart broken, and I'd really like to not have to do that again.


Uisce said...

yes, but do you think too much about TV and vegetables? and ants? or planning to watch TV? :)

Geggie said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing, Carmen!

Faz the Cat said...

My husband is called Pooh although I am not quite sure why. Faz's owner.

Janet said...

Why don't you like veggies?

Amy said...

I don't like vegetables either! But I don't like my feet touched either so I wouldn't want anyone painting anything on my toes!

If you could do anything for a job (money wasn't an issue) what would you do?

Zeus said...

Considering the state of affairs over there, Carmen, you could make out like a bandit for cheap! I hope you end up going some day so you can show us more pictures!

Melli said...

Okie doke! I've read the last 3 posts - to get caught up! This is great -- it's kind of like the interview thing only with all the different interviewers! I think I did this once -- but I answered 'em all at one time.

Hope you solve that ant problem! We've had them a couple of times through the years and they can be a real nuisance!

I just put up my "eight" thing too -- like you, I didn't tag anybody though! This one has gone around FAST!!! (maybe cuz most of them only tag 3 people...)

Cheysuli said...

You must introduce me to the guy. This way I can explain to him what happens if he hurts one of my friends...

It should make sure he's not playing any games when he realizes I am likely to be the next president of the United States....

julia said...

Hey Carmen - thanks for your eight random things! I'm not much of a planner, but I have two writing critique partners who are. I'm going to have to acquire this skill because my revisions make them feel like they're floating in outer space. Explanation - I've been rewriting scenes out-of-order. The planners can't take it. It's like torture.