Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thursday 13 v. 46 - the Valentines One

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13 Things About Valentine's Day
  1. I 'm anti-Valentine's Day. I'm glad it's over
  2. It's a Hallmark holiday. Shouldn't you be romantic with your sweetie all the time?
  3. It's degrading. Because the rest of the world is boarding the ark two-by-two, I am seen by the marketing community as somehow less of a person for having not found my guy yet.
  4. Belive it or not. I had an ex break up with me on Valentine's Day, with a Valentine's Day card. Really.
  5. People shorten it to VD. Which stands for something else not Valentine-y.
  6. It's also Singles Appreciation Day.
  7. Chocolate is a standard gift. Nothing says "I love you" like making your significant other fat.
  8. It snowed and iced a lot. And for some reason I find it incredibly satisfying that the flower delivery people couldn't get out to deliver over-priced roses.
  9. My mom sent me a card. Which is sweet. She also cries every time she watches Charlie Brown not get a Valentine's card from the little red-haired girl.
  10. My single friends and I wear all black on Valentine's Day. It's a form of protest. :)
  11. Remember grade school? They made us give valentines to EVERYONE in class, even the smelly boy. ha ha.
  12. One of these days. I'm going to have a Valentine
  13. And I will love him and squeeze him . . . and not be so bitter anymore. ;)
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      Janet said...

      haha at first I thought that said anti-vampire! Maybe it's because I've been married a couple times, but sometimes, it's better to be alone! Also, marketing could care less whether people are coupled or tripled or long as they make money.

      Melli said...

      Yes Carmen! It's OVER! You can breathe a DEEP SIGH of relief now -- for a whole 'nuther year! Ya know... some of us that are MARRIED don't have particularly ROMANTIC Valentine's Days either though... having a significan other is not a guarantee! Oh yea -- maybe for the first FEW years it is! But things have a way of changing.... Mmmm hmmm... UNLESS... You DON'T LET THEM!!! Be very careful girly! ;o)

      And how did YOU not lose power today???

      Anthony said...

      I think the only thing worse is hearing guys gripe about "having" to do something on Valentine's Day.
      Ungrateful bastards.

      Oh well, my perspective may change one day too...

      Darla said...

      LOL! My daughter wrote me a very cynical Valentine's Day poem expressing similar sentiments.

      But boy, #4 is harsh. You're definitely better off without that one.

      Raggedy said...

      It is over now you can relax.
      My TT is posted.
      Have a wonderful day!
      Happy TT'ing!
      (")_ (")Š

      Knitting Maniac said...

      My feelings EXACTLY, Carmen!!! V-Day is a Hallmark Day ....

      Dragonheart said...

      Being a cat, I used Valentine's Day as a way to let all my friends know how much I appreciate them. :) But my mom says it does seem to be a Hallmark-manufactured holiday. She and my dad try to be romantic all year along.

      Thanks for visiting! It was actually warm when we were in Switzerland, so warm in fact that the ski slopes were closed due to a lack of snow!

      jj said...

      I'm not a fan of Valentines either! Thats only because I don't have someone to share ti with, though, and I know the miute I do ahve someone, my opinion will change!

      Mrs Lifecruiser said...

      Oh, why do they make everything so commercial and hysterical?

      I love the idea of Valentines day though, as a reminder of making Love, but it should be continued all over the year - as for me and Mr L :-)

      So WHY don't you come too on our Cyber Cruise? You love to travel IRL, so why not this cyber cruise? We'd love to have you with us, you know that don't you?

      All that it takes is to become an A-Swab Team (you don't need to be an A-Team Cruiser) which just is a little linklove or cruiselove as I might call it ;-)

      ...and having fun of course, but you seem to have no problem with that! *lol*

      Anyway, we'd love to have you with us and you're fiery welcomed :-)

      Anonymous said...

      I'm so glad it's over too! it's a depressing and frustrating "holiday", especially if you don't have a sweetie.

      don't loose faith...we will be happy one day!!

      have a great weekend!

      Amanda said...

      We don't do much for Valentines Day either. But you're right having someone special on the day would make the day better. Sorry about #4! He was one sick person.

      Caylynn said...

      I don't mind Valentine's Day, but then I'm married, and my hubby and I are romantic throughout the year. :)

      I like that you wear black on Valentine's Day - too cool. :)

      Happy T13. :)

      Skittles said...

      I laughed at 9 & 11 :) Love the kitty video on the sidebar.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Renee said...

      Well no wonder! I'm so sad to hear about #4 on your list. That guy was extremely mean and you deserve so much better than him. Let's hope that #4's karma comes to bite him in the butt!

      I hope you had a good day and that today is even better. So now that you've got the house taken care of, how goes it with the new job?

      Goofy Girl said...

      Hahahha I love calling it VD day. Hehehhehe. But I agree, it's kind of a silly holiday!

      KarenW said...

      Ahh, poor cupid! I wouldn't say that I'm anti Valentine's day but I'm leaning that way. Yesterday we didn't do a single thing, no cards, no flowers, no mushy poems. It was just a day. We were just too busy and nobody really noticed. I hope you find your true love soon and that he is romantic every day of the year!

      Gattina said...

      I never had Valentine problems, because it just didn't exist. But since a few years it starts here too but not like in America, it's only between couples. Yesterday students made a manifestation against Valentin's day with slogans like "Make love at Valentin's day and don't shop"
      of course it was a rhyme in french. That would have been something for you !

      Bone said...

      I'm with you, Carmen.

      Actually, I thought that was one reason people shortened it to VD, was because they disliked it. Or maybe that's just me :)

      Uisce said...

      nothing says "you AREN'T fat" like "here, have some chocolates"

      I'm very glad it's over.

      Sparky Duck said...

      I still think Valentines Day is silly, and my wife will never ever get roses on that day, i like to use th $50 they overcharge for dinner instead. But, im sorry, Chocolate is the perfect gift, I love it

      Sparky Duck said...

      well, we shall see if my witty rant made it

      she said...

      Ok, I'll admit I'm one of those evil ones who posted sappy v-tines day memo's of love as their T13... but I'd like to claim 12 years of marriage and the past 2 v-tine's days spent in separate continents as my reason for the insanity. Hopefully the singles of the world can see to forgive my folly.

      YellowRose said...

      Cute list! It is a goofy day, isn't it? But I'm not going to complain, as my hubby outdid himself this year with giving me a gorgeous leather Coach handbag!! Goofy holiday or not, I'll take a new handbag anyday!! :)

      Happy TT!

      Jane said...

      I loved your last one! I hope that happens for you too!
      Thanks for coming by my blog today.

      Haley-O said...

      You know, even though I'm married, I'm not a sucker for all the V-day stuff. I did get an awesome gift, though.... But, still. With my kid vomiting all day, my heart just wasn't into it at all. It was just an annoyance....

      Frances said...

      I am wishing very hard that your special someone comes along soon.
      Waving at you from a freezing NYC
      Thanks for visiting

      Momma Bee said...

      Eh, even when you get that Valentine, it may not be all that important of a day. I totally agree with #2 -- always have, always will!

      Happy (belated) Singles Appreciation Day! :)

      Teena said...

      I didn't have time to celebrate Valentine's Day :(

      Mine's up too :)

      scribbit said...

      Yes, I rather agree. It's always more romantic to be surprised "just because" rather than at the behest of a commercial occasion.

      Katherine said...

      I agree--Hallmark has totally ruined this holiday. I hate them! Anyway, it's over, yay

      Jeff said...

      That's funny. On my Thursday Thirteen, I celebrated Valentine's Day with all my favorite, childhood, celebrity crushes.

      Rose said...

      I never thought for a moment that you were bitter. lol :)

      Kukka-Maria said...

      So...wait. You're saying that if I got a Venereal Disease for Valentine's Day, it's not romantic?