Monday, September 18, 2006

Race Around the World

Oh, how I love the Amazing Race. Did ya'll see it last night? I know the show's getting stale, and even this year's "surprises" didn't surprise anybody, but I love to see all the places they go. I haven't picked a favorite team yet, though I like the Asian guys, and of course the two model/ex-addicts. (Always a sucker for a head case).

I would love to be on this show. Except I'd need a partner that could do the eating challenges, 'cuz I would not like to be eating things like fish eyes. I hate to let the "cat out of the bag" so to speak, but I've asked Kukka Marie to be my Amazing Race partner. Since Kukka has a personal relationship with the Philinator, I think we'd make a great Amazing Race team, and since there's no other human/cat team, I think we'd have a shot. What do you think, Kukka? :)

Here's us in the team photo. :)

We'd have those models chasing after us, Kukka, 'cuz we're hot and athletic and WINNERS!

If Kukka turns me down, would anyone else be up for the challenge? I'm a smart traveler, once negotiating our way home from Aruba to circumvent a hurricane - three days earlier than any one else, assuring we'd get home. :)



Kukka-Maria said...

Wow, Carmen! I love the fact that me being indicriminate on what I'll put in my mouth has finally gained me recognition! Before I give you my answer, I need to know a few things:

How many mani/pedi stops are there on the race?

Will I automatically get to french kiss Phil Keoghan or will I have to politely ask?

Will our "tie" to one another be that we are both super-sexy bloggers or should we throw "ex-addicts" and a prosthetic tail into the mix for extra sympathy?

Will they serve us Mimosas every morning or will I have to bring a Thermos of my own?

While I adore you, Miss Carmen, and think there is no one else in the entire world with whom I would love to trot the globe (I mean, look at your wonderous photos!), I think I might be too much of a diva. I hear the humidity in Asia can be troublesome--the last thing I want is to be seen on television with frizzy fur!

Zeus has traversed the globe with Phil on "The Amazing Zeus." Perhaps he may be a good match? While he is definitely not as super-sexxy as I am (the extra x is for sex appeal), he is smart, fast, agile, brave and charming (after all, why else would I have him in my Tomcat Stable?).

Plus, I'm told his purring and headbutts are like kryptonite to most humans. That could be your edge.

If you and Zeus do go, you know I'll be cheering you on from my couch, while sipping mimosas and french kissing Phil.

Don't laugh! I totally will!

Red said...

Love the piccies!

And I would love to go on the show (except I probably wouldn't be allowed to because I'm not a citizen of the US of A... boo hoo!), but I don't fly so well. When they jump on these little planes that belong to airlines I never knew existed, from countries I cannot even pronounce, it makes me fear for their safety!

Carmen said...

Well, Kukka, if the Arab guys feel it doesn't cost them time from the race to pray 5 times a day, I'm sure that mani/pedi stops won't hurt our chances.

I thing a prosthetic tail would allow us to "preboard" all the flights, giving us better seats.

I totally plan on kissing Phil every time we hit the mat.

Your diva-ness would ensure much camera time for us.

Though Zeus is a well-traveled cat. He could head-butt our competitors in an "attempt" to be friendly, thereby incapacitating them and letting us slip onto the mat!

Mimosas are a requirement for scaling the Great Wall!

The Meezers said...

Miss Carmen, you might actually be able to take BOTH Kukka and Zeus - 2 small cats might equal one purrson! - Miles Meezer

Wystful1 said... Kukka's response. That had me rollin'., I've never watched the show. I'm not much on television most times. But I've heard about the amazing race from a few online friends and they love it too.

Happy Monday.
Keep us posted on you and Kukka's deal working. You could probably get her outta Aruba FUR sure!!

Renee said...

I haven't watched in a few seasons, but I love the chase too. I think that you and Kukka would make a great team.

I wanted to email you about the VA weather. How cold is fall there? I guess I should look at, huh? We're getting excited. Dh reminded me to stop the mail for while we're gone.

Pam said...

Kukka & Carmen!! What a dream team!!

I could never do the eating challenges, and I get air sick, car sick, etc. I don't think being hopped up on Dramamine would help the speediness factor. But I will happily cheer you on from my living room!!

Kukka-Maria said...

Ok, Carmen. I'm in. You convinced me.

I think our super sex appeal will leave most of the teams dizzy with desire--giving us a prosthetic tail-up on the competition.

Plus, as a cat, I would have absolutely NO PROBLEM eating fish eyes in Asia.


Should we have a team name (like the Bowling Moms did)? I sort of like "Carmukka".

Based on how nerdy I look in the photos, though, I'm going to have to wear my contacts. The last thing I need is to wreck my chances at "America's Next Top Model" because I was seen looking like a total dweeb on another reality show!

Lazy Daisy said...

First I love the pictures and it was a good match....definitely the Miss American Beauty Queens. Scaling walls? eating eye balls? I still love watching. You go girl!

Carmen said...

Kukka, I thought those glasses made you look very serious about the race. I was going to use the one of you in your crown, but I didn't want to look like we were bragging too much.

Carmukka! Ha. Or Kukkamen! As long as we don't go around yelling TaTow! all the time like the annoying hippies last year, we should be good.

Kukka-Maria said...

You're right, Carmen! My implied intellect can be intimidating. And your hat could cause them to underestimate your seriousness, thinking you are just a fun-loving chick who is out for a good time.

Nay, she is out to kick some serious butt!

TaTow! You won't hear that phrase cross my lips. We need to have a different signature phrase. I would suggest MeYow, but wouldn't that be a bit obvious?

I'll make sure I keep my claws sharp so I can scale vertical surfaces with ease. Plus, with my saggy belly flopping to and fro when I run, we are sure to knock some other teams over as we race to the check-points!

I am stoked to strategize!

Carmen said...

I suggest we get t-shirts (a la Will and Boogie on Big Brother) that say something witty like

"Kiss me Phil!"
"Me-Yowza Phil!"
"I'm the smart one" (that's yours)
"Purrrrrr" (that's mine for Phil, and the hot model boys)

When I get serious, I'll take off the hat - my Aussie travel mates didn't recognize me when I did that. We can sneak past the other teams. They'll never know it was us!

Kukka-Maria said...

Yes, and I can always flash my multiple nipples (I'm sure CBS will pixilate them) to make the other teams stop dead in their tracks. Talk about distraction!

This could really work! Me-Yowza!

I wasn't sure when I should bring this little constraint up, Carmen, but you'll have to drive all the cars (because I can't reach the pedals and I'm probably going to have to be crated on the flights (and carried on by you). It's a bit embarrassing to admit these things, but I hope you'll understand. At least CBS will spring for a seat and not make me ride cargo! They won't make me ride cargo, right?

Carmen said...

I don't mind driving the car. that way you can indulge in your mimosas. Plus, I've practiced driving on both sides of the road.

They will NOT make you ride cargo, I will insist that you get the window seat beside me!

Kukka-Maria said...

I hope riding on the other side of the road won't make me car sick. It would be a shame for us to have to ride with a bunch of hairballs in the car.

Although...we could fling them at the teams ballsy enough to try to pass us...

mar said...

I don't know the show but when you mentioned the odd things to eat... I knew I wouldn't like to participate, specially after my oyster affair, lol!! (I was the lucky one to get the bad one, Mr Mar didn't...) Keep us posted, though!

Renee said...

This is shaping up to one fine race! I think that Kukkamen sounds a lot like a brand of soy sauce. But it just might work on those fish eyes.

Dorothy said...

Stellar you guys. Could I be the alternate, I mean if Kukka meets up with like a 3-headed dog in Greece or you get sent to Hungary, and Carmen needs a day off with the hottie lifeguard? I could so slip in unnoticed. We could meet up again when they go to Iceland.

kailani said...

This is too funny!!!

Heather Smith said...

I'd love to be on the Amazing Race, but I'm totally like you, the food stuff I couldn't do. But I do have a cousin who can eat anything. Seriously, she ate a fish eye to prove she could do the Survivor thing. Ick! Maybe you should talk to her! LOL!

Kukka-Maria said...

Carmen, I got the call from CBS and we start shooting the next season tomorrow!

I'll be sure to share with everyone what happens on our first leg of the race. I am so excited to learn where we will be headed!

And, Carmen fans, don't worry! She will still be able to blog from our trip, so please don't root for us to be eliminated quickly!

See you at the airport, Carmen!


MysteriousLady said...

LOL! I saw it! It was great! Love TAR. Your hilarious!

Renee said...

Oh shoot! I guess I won't be seeing you in VA this weekend. (just kidding) Well have a fun trip. 2 cents said...

I have a cousin who would give her eye teeth to be on the Amazing Race. I'll have to ask her about joining you, I know she'd say yes! :)
I think it would be fun too, though I get migraines so often that I would probably not be a good choice.

Anonymous said...

I love amazing race. I wish I could enjoy the new season of it but it wont start here til its pretty much finished over there!

I reckon ur on a winner asking Kukka! the eating challenges would be in the bag then!

One Scrappy Gal said...

I'd get us lost, wouldn't eat anything weird, and complain about how heavy the backpack is. You'd have much better luck with the cat as your partner than me!!

BTW the photo cracked me up!! :)

Zeus said...

I'm sure the two of you will do very well. With your good looks, charming personalities, and high intelligence, there's no reason why you shouldn't win!

Kukka-Maria said...

I hope I represented you well in my recap of the first leg, Carmen. Could you believe who was racing with us?

Teena said...

I love the show! Glad to have it bad on again. But like you, I'd need help with the eating challenges. There's no way I'm poking eyes out of fish and then eating them. Ewww! When Gord and I watch it, I look at him when the gross challenges are on and I say, "You'd be doing this one". We both agree we'd be doing the manual/harder challenges.

Uisce said...

A friend and I applied to be on Amazing Race 11. Never heard back from them. But after seeing that rope climby thing, I'm pretty glad we didn't! :)

Karen said...

ok, ok, we watched AR for the first time. I thought all the teams were idiots, though. but I bet we watch next week. I was almost gagging at watching the eating challenges... ick.

Jim McKee said...

Wow, Carmen, your cat's paws look WAY different than my cat's paws.


eph2810 said...

Oh - I didn't know the new season started. Is it on Sunday's now? The best show on TV by a long shot.
I wish I could be on the race too - but can't because I don't have an American passport ~ only a German one...

Melli said...

ROFL! YOU are such a NUT! Well... I'd be all up for the travel part -- but nope... I'm not eating fish eyes either.... better stick with Kukka!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

You guys are a hoot!

Love the Amazing Race!