Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Date Update

Before I begin, yesterday's Travel Tuesday answer was the Australian Outback! Most specifically, the first picture was of the Olgas, a rock formation near Uluru. About 4 hours away from Alice Springs, which is technically where the signs were. Zeus was the first to guess Australia, and Red was the first to guess Alice Springs. Irish guessed right, too, but I think she cheated, 'cuz she's seen the scrapbook. :)

So here's what you've been waiting for, folks. The date update.

It started out badly. I'm lucky he was even there when I arrived.

HH - "I thought we said 8:15?"
Me - "Um, no, you said 9:15"
HH - "I did? Are you sure?"
Me - "Well, that's what I thought you said."

So he waited for me. Well, in typical male fashion, he walked across the street and got some beer to drink while he waited. But he waited.

After much apologizing, we went to get drinks. I taught him all about marguaritas, and then wowed him with my knowledge of two Hungarian words. "Hello" and "How are you?" I really do think he was impressed.

*(inserting cute anectode) He was reading the drink menu, and saw the words "chilled glass" and wanted to know why they served "child" glasses. ha ha.

We talked about lots of things. I found out he's an engineer assistant when he's home, and he got 5 months of unpaid leave to come to the US. It seems he's not a big soccer fan, because the Hungarian team isn't all that good. He has an older brother and a niece, whom he spoils. He likes to swim (duh, he's a lifeguard) and row on the Danube River.

He is meeting a friend in NY after his lifeguard days end, and they're driving to California. I was invited to go. I explained that it would take forever to drive to California. If I go. I fly. He was like "great! you can meet us there." ha.

I've got to say, I've never been out with a man who wanted to know more about me than talk about himself. He paid attention. He remembered things that I'd mentioned casually months ago. He was really polite - I'm used to opening doors for myself, and once he nearly ran to get ahead of me so he could open the door for me. That was really nice.

And now for the info you've all been on the edge of your seats for. Sadly, there was no Plan A. (Damn). I mean, yes, I asked him out, but to lean over a car seat awkwardly for a kiss unless he makes a move is a little too forward for me. I would've needed a lot more tequilla.

However, twice he indicated that he might like to get together again. He wanted me to show him my song lyrics (which he said he'd read with his dictionary handy. ha) and he also wanted to see my photographs. I gave him my card with my phone number on it, so we'll see.

Here's the thing - I don't know how people do this "casual" dating thing. I've never been able to date anyone "casually" - good or bad. My feelings get all tangled up with the hormones and then who do you think pays for it? Example: This weekend at the pool, there was this Asian chick who kept swimming up to talk with him and I got jealous. Seriously, that's ridiculous.

But there it is. The recap. I'll keep you appraised of any developments.


Red said...

Yay, I got Alice Springs kinda right! Hurrah for me.

Sounds like it was a pleasant evening, no? Let me recap: he waited an hour for you to show up, he's interested in what you have to say, he opens doors for you, he wants to read your lyrics and see your pictures, he wants you to join him for a cross-country drive from NY to LA... Okay, so there was no kissing action, but this all seems very positive to me! Let us know when (no "if" about it!) he calls and you get together again!

(Oh, and for the record, I'd be jealous of the Asian chick too...)

Melli said...

Awwwww... it sounds like it went WELL, I think! He was VERY much the gentlemen -- maybe more so than you would have liked, but my God! How refreshing! I hope he calls ... but his lifeguarding job is almost done, huh? He'll be leaving ... like soon? And you'll be in Vegas ... ugh... sure could have been better timing! But at least there's still time for another date or two! Plan A may still happen! (and if not, maybe you have a great Hungarian connection for a future world trip!)

Anthony said...

I'm with ya on the casual dating deal. I just ruined a casual relationship with a woman because of feelings and hormones (too long a story), so I know all about "ridiculous jealousy" where things like that are concerned.

But it does seem as though you had a nice evening, and it's always good to get out - for whatever the reason.

Zeus said...

I know you said that you've never been able to date casually, but it seems to me that with this guy, try buckling up and enjoying the ride. It sounds like a lot of fun could be had just by going to different places with him and hearing what he thinks.

It seems like you had a terrific time! I'm so glad it went well for you!

mar said...

Sounds like a fine evening to me, with a kiss it could have probably be closer to perfect but maybe he is not a good kisser, so you didn't miss much, ha! I hope you find out, though... No idea about dating.Period. I have been out of the game for...omg! 23 years! it's a lifetime for you :)
He shows a lot of interest in you and in a very nice way. I am glad for you that he is not one of those wild tempered latinos telling you they cannot live withouth you, kissing you passionately and next day they are telling the same thing to an Asian chick...
Keep us posted! this is exciting! always remember where your cell phone is and watch those batteries :)

Wystful1 said...

Now wait...color me confused!---Point is, whether mr. Right or not mr. Right....point is, did you have fun?!! Was it a good time had.

The hour confussion could be connected to language confusion, and he DID wait. And tho that shows a bit of desparation, again, being 'foreign' he may have realized it was something he didn't understand.

I think he sounds very sweet and gentlemanly. I just hope you had a good time, and didn't feel pressured with anything. To have gone out and enjoyed the evening....that's what counts.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Woo hoo! Sounds like a grate date to me! And you even found out he would stick around and wait for you!

Keep us posted! hee

Mama Duck said...

Awwww, he sounds cute!! Agh, the dating, it's always a tangled web, I wish you well and I'm glad I'm happily married ;).

Lazy Daisy said...

I argee with Red....just the fact that he waited an hour is a big plus.

Sounds like there may be more chapters to this book. So far, it's a facinating read.

What will be, will be....he definitely sounds like someone who is interesting and interested in you.

Karen said...

but it sounds like it was fun... ya think it's the Eurpopean thing, he's just more polite?
I'm with Mama Duck... casual dating would stress me out.

Yoshi said...

Hey, as long as you had fun, I think that's really what matters. Try not to spend so much time thinking of how it could have gone, or how it's supposed to go (during the date) and just have fun, and be yourself. That's all that matters I think.

Renee said...

He sounds interested in you. I'd be a little bit worried about the cross country trip this early in the game... but hey my DH asked me to go to Busch Gardens when we first met and within two weeks he was inviting me to go to Vegas with him.
Maybe plan A will happen on date #2.
Glad that you had a good time...which was all we (as if we really matter ;) ) were looking for.

Great Day said...

Even if it didn't start so well, it sounds like it ended well.

Casual dating is hard, but so much more fun for a situation like this.

Kukka-Maria said...

OMG! You are just like my agent/human/mother/slave! She is always telling people she is not wired for casual affairs! She claims she is not the jealous type, but ends up feeling like you did at the pool!

I think it sounds like it was a solid experience. You've described him as a fun and interactive date and, while Plan A did not happen...I still have a positive outlook for you--with or without him!

Jim McKee said...

Give the Asian chick my email address... I'll distract her. (Taking one for the team...)


LaFlor said...

oh oh... jealousy is dangerous!!! believe me =)

and as far as being polite.. here there are lots of jokes about how western women are too feminist... opening doors and WAY MORE than that is almost obligatory here and is a sign of respect to the woman you're with... so enjoy! ;)

Pam said...

The key to casual dating is to date more than one person at the same time, or so I hear. So, get busy asking out more HOT guys! LOL!

Glad it went well. That he waited for you is a VERY good sign.

Tug said...

Not being able to lean over for the kiss - you did more than a lot of us would have by asking him out! See how it goes next time... him waiting was awesome!! Does he want to meet you in Vegas, or will you be concentrating on new desert men by then?

Janet ( said...

I'd probably feel the same way you did about the Asian chick LOL! Sounds like it went well tho :-)

Renee said...

ww updated & explained fefyfomanna: Wordless Wednesday

Karizma said...

I'm so happy for you that it went really well!

Try not to worry about what could have happened or what didn't happen and take it for what it was - a fun time out with someone who was a gentleman. Oh, and don't sweat the Asian chick too much. He went out with you. So she can just keep swimming laps in hope... ;-)

Chi said...

I think this is beginning to sound like a promising relationship & I think the fact that he waited for you is great! *s*

One Scrappy Gal said...

Sounds like it was a pretty decent date overall...even if it started out a bit rocky.

I don't know how people do the "casual" dating thing either. If God forbid anything ever happened to my spouse and I was a widow, (or if he decided I was a freak and not worth being with anymore and left me) I'd have to join a convent. I don't think I could survive being "out there" especially since he was my college sweetheart and we met when I was 18. You are giving me courage though!

Are you gonna meet HH in California? I will have to live vicariously through you and share in your adventures. :) The most exciting thing that happened to me yesterday was that I tried an apple wedger. Really. That's it.

Katherine said...

He sounds like a very nice guy! Who knows, wait and see.

Penrick said...

He waited, he paid attention, he was sincerely interested, he was a gentleman and his job allows you a great look at what you will be getting!!!

He sounds like a keeper. Don't get jealous. Drown that damn woman and make her the example for all the other women who think they can talk to him whenever they please.

He really does sound nice. Tell him about this blog and tell him I want to hear his side. I bet it will be romantic as hell

Kailani said...

I'm like you, it's all or nothing. I can't casually date either. I gues it's a good thing I got married!

Sounds like the date went well! At least he wants to see you again! And you did the right thing by not leaning over to kiss him. Let him make the first move. You're the one who asked him out!

Do you think this is someone you'd like to get to know better?

BTW, I was driving to my sister's house today and I passed the Arizona Memorial and thought of you!