Friday, July 28, 2006

Keep On Keeping On

2 pounds. Two stinking, lousy, better-than-nothing pounds. That's all I've lost after 6 weeks on a new weight-lifting program and accelerated cardio workout and modified eating. (note, I'm not on a "diet", but I am trying to eat better) And I'm sick of hearing that "muscle weighs more than fat" and "it takes about 2 months to see real results" and blah blah blah. Just don't say any more. That does not help me when I'm standing on the scale. Or when I'm exhausted on the elliptical after 35 minutes with 20 more to go.

I guess I should be glad for the 2 pounds. And the minus 3% of body fat that I've eliminated. And I can tell a difference when I look in the mirror, and for the first time in - well, since I can remember - I don't go "bleck" when I see myself. At least once a day, I think I actually might look good. And when I saw my pictures with blogger Melli, (see post below) I was like - I have muscles instead of flabby arms! (I hate my arms). I just don't know where this bad body image came from! I mean, I'm a size 8. Geesh!

So, I guess in the end 2 pounds is a start. Grrr. Argh. (Glass is half full. Glass is half full. repeat)


Anonymous said...

I hear ya. It took a loooong time of eating my stupid, yucky salads for lunch, walking the dogs a LOT and cutting out good stuff like the work bagels to see any results. A really long time. But then, it happened! Results! Hang in there.

One Scrappy Gal said...

The best way to lose weight is to have a virus! I've been sick since this past Monday, had the shakes, nausea, diahrea, you name it, and have lost 4 lbs already. I know if I eat today, I'll probably gain it back! Too bad you can't just BUY a tapeworm and then remove it when you reach the weight you want. You are doing so beautifully...hang in there!! You'll have that sexy model bod before long!!

Wystful1 said...

Oh my word Carmen!!! You're in NO NEED of dieting that's for sure. Don't even THINK about it. Maybe toning muscle, sure that's always good, but losing fat? You have none to lose, so that explains the 2 pound loss.

None-the-less, it goes without saying, and all that, but gee whiz.

I'm sure Mr. Right would like a girl with a bit of meat with the flesh.

Oh, wait, now that sounds kinda creepy....scratch that!!


Just don't go getting the wrong, negative, image of yourself. That can be dangerous.

Stay just as you are. You're perfect.

~from the Irish SITTER. rofl

Red said...

Two months to see real results, eh? No wonder I never see any, I get dishearted after one week. But well done to you! Mind you, if you're a size 8, I really don't see the need for putting yourself through elliptical hell. Is that a Victoria Beckham-style size 8 or do you have your own size charts in the US?

Karen said...

I'd be happy with 2 pounds. I AM on a diet. ick ick ick. I need to get out to the gym, but maybe next week. it's hard with the kids here. I did about 6 weeks of it back in the spring, and noticed results, but miss 2 days and WHAM, that was it. and you are asking for trouble- the size 8 comment, you know. I'll be nice, let it slide.

Anthony said...

OK, so I won't bore you with cliches, just think about how long it took to get to the point where you wanted to change the way you look, and realize that it will take some time to get back - but you appear to be well on your way.

You're ahead of the game if you can find an aerobic exercise that you enjoy. For me it has been the bike. You'll do it and do it better if you enjoy it.

Most experts tell us not to think about the scale so much as the way our clothes fit and the way we look and feel. If you find that your clothes feel different, and you've already seen that you look different, that's great.

Tess Termulo said...

I've been lazy going to the gym lately and I think I've regained all the pounds I've lost before :-( But I'm thankful to have read your blog. It reminded me that I have to keep going to get my desired results! Thank you!

Melli said...

I'm back... you should definately NOT feel bad about only 2 pounds... come over to MY blog and see what I've done!

Renee said...

2 lbs is great and not having flabby arms is greater!

For me a quick way to drop a few is to give up all carbonated drinks for water w/ lemon.

Oh yeah, and Scrappy gal's way works extreemly well for me too...but I don't recommend it, AT ALL!

Dorothy said...

I'm so jealous. You're sooo pretty and you don't even need to lose the 2 pounds you did. It took me flippin' forever to lose the 40 lbs I did, with Taebo and weights and 4 miles on the eliptical. And the 2-a-days...forget about it. Then there was the no carb, low carb stuff. Trying to convince myself that cauliflower really can tast like mashed potatos.

Now I just eat reasonably. I go for walks and I have a house with stairs.

Great Day said...

I would kill to be a size 8. I think you are so adorable. Keep up the good work, it's hard, but it will pay off!

Karizma said...

Aside from the weight that you don't need to lose (yes, you heard me), I think you have the right attitude with modifying your eating habits and doing some cardio which your heart will love. That is a great approach.

Keep it up and you will see results. The glass is more than half full! :-)

michele said...

Stop weighing yourself if it bothers you! Weighing can be a motivator or it can make you want to give up. If it doesn't motivate, don't do it until you are done at least a dress size.

some girl said...

Hey, 2 pounds is great! Think of 2 pounds of hamburger always helps me! Congrats!

Zeus said...

Here again from Miss Wendy's!

Here's a motivational saying for you to remember while you are struggling on the exercise machines:

If it is to be, it is up to me!

You can do it, Miss Carmen!

Happy0303 said...

Minus 2 pounds is better than plus 2 pounds. And if you can look in the mirror and see someone you like, that's all that matters! Great job!

Don't worry, my luau has no calories at all!