Friday, May 19, 2006


Don't read if you've haven't caught up on your TiVo for American Idol or Lost or the Amazing Race.

Boy, was my TiVo busy on Wednesday night. Amazing Race was 2 hours and overlapped Lost and Idol. I need to get one of those new dual tuner boxes!

Lost has one more week until the season finale. This week didn't give me any new info, but set up the finale. Duh. Michael was comprimised. Duh. It's a trap. Why else would they think that two people had been killed at close range but all Michael got was a shot in the arm? Geesh. I'm thinking the whole time "follow them anyway, sneak up on those Others." Finally, Sayeed was the voice of reason.

Only one more agonizing week of American Idol. First of all, could Kat please get up off of the damn floor? It just looks sleazy. And if she doesn't start wearing better dresses, she's gonna have a wardrobe malfunction. Taylor had the best week, by far. I'm thinking/hoping he's gonna take it all. Not that I would buy his album, but I do find him (disturbingly) attractive, grey hair and all. Honestly, I think if a guy was the hunchback of Notre Dame, but could sing, I'd fall in love. And how was the vote that close? Dude, America. Are you tone deaf? I hope Taylor gets the Elliot vote. :)

This year's Amazing Race is over. They need to change the name to the Not-So-Amazing Race. It requires absolutely no strategy, no game playing, and no brains, as is obvious from the MoJo experience. The clues should read "Run in here and get a clue which will be so obviously marked it will pound you about the head." And I think, that if you get a lead, you should be able to keep it. These stops that allow everyone to catch up are so predictable and annoying. I kind of wanted the frat boys to win, but really, any of the three teams could've won and it would be ok. So the hippies are a million dollars richer. Eh. *shrug*

I think I'm going to stop watching The Apprentice as well, but I hear rumors that it may be canceled anyway, making the decision that much easier. I had a very erotic dream about the Englishman on the show. (Perhaps I should stop watching reality TV all together if that's the case.) I kind of hope he wins now, because he's really good at . . . Maybe the last task will have something to do with modeling men's underwear :)

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mar said...

Yes, Carmen, TGIF!!!!! don't get those shows over here . Have a happy friday :)

shpprgrl said...

I was perplexed when she got on the floor the first time, then oooops she did it again!! I like your's funny and looks great!

Karen said...

Lost: so, what do all the Others do when there aren't people stranded on the island?

Randy S Furco said...

This site is neat.

Funny animations...can't stop

shirley said...

Thank you!! I almost screamed in relief at the TV when Sayid said what everyone was thinking. Why was Jack such a pushover?

They'd better answer some questions next week!