Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Ususally, I like to keep my posts light and fluffy, because, well, who needs to hear my depressing crap.

However, I'm becoming more intensely bothered by something, and it justifies discussion. I was sent a link to a dramatized version of the 9/11 Pentagon events. Essentially, the "drama" that's added suggests that it was not a plane that hit the Pentagon, but rather a missile. Their questions include: where are the plane parts?, where are the other security videos from surrounding hotels/gas stations, etc.?, and what about the particulars (how the plane was flying, how close to the ground, why wasn't there more damage with that much fuel, etc.)? I can't show you the actual 9/11 video, because it's been taken down from most sites - including the Washington Post's site (well, the link is there, but the video never loads.)

These are compelling questions, no doubt. I often wondered why there were tons of images coming out of New York, but the country nearly forgot that we here in the DC area were affected that day as well. I remember driving by Dulles Airport (one of the planes took off from here) on my way home from work terrified. I spent time on the phone (when it worked) trying to find out the status on people I knew who worked at the Pentagon. I listened to fighter jets fly over during the days when civilian aircraft weren't allowed to fly, jumping out of my skin each time.

But I have questions, too. There were 4 hijacked planes. If one didn't fly into the Pentagon, where'd it go? I mean, it's the Pentagon for Pete's sake, it's probably more fortified than any building we know. And why am I so disturbed by the fact that people are questioning the reason behind the chaos and fear that day and suggesting a consipiracy theory? I mean - I believe that there was more to JFK's death than we know, so why not this? Am I becoming (gasp) a Republican? (Perish that thought. Perish it now!)

Anybody seen the Flight 93 movie? I'm not sure, after seeing this video, if I'll ever be able to watch it, though I have almost a NEED to.

Any thoughts on the issue?

Update: I seem to be offending some people, and I just want to say that's not my intention. (That's why I try to stay away from political posts) I think our men and women in the military have died so that we can have a democratic nation, and it is our duty to them to exercise those democratic rights and make sure that our government is operating in a way that means they fight for what's right, and not an agenda. I'm not saying it is or is not a conspiracy. I'm saying we should always ask questions.


* (asterisk) said...

Hi there, Carmen. This link contains a link to a film you probably ought to see. It sort of answers your question about the fourth plane. But it leaves other questions too - the sort that no one wants to think about.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I've seen that "Loose Change" movie from Google Video, and I don't know what to think anymore. (I haven't seen "Flight 93," just because I have no interest in seeing it.)

We'll never know the whole truth, ever. I think I'd have a lot more faith in the government if they would just admit to their friggin' mistakes. I mean, I'd have faith after I got over my anger with them, but it would be a start. It's like the cop said in "V for Vendetta": "If our own government was responsible for the deaths of a hundred thousand people, would you want to know about it?"

I like to say that I belong to the MMI Party - Me, Myself and I. I am unaffiliated. A political atheist.

I don't think you're becoming Republican. ;)

Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com) said...

There was a show on TV that talked about the "missile" vs "airplane" theory, and as much as listening to one thing made one think "conspiracy", seeing this made me think...not so much.

Renee said...

As a republican married to a soldier I think that the MEDIA has done this country a great dis-service. While I believe in free speach they don't seem to get the concept of "loose lips sink ships." The media is constantly exposing everything about our military and putting our men and women in danger of the enemy.
The truth of 9/11 is that a lot of men and women died at the hands of terrorists. Other attacks were planned and thwarted.

Expat Traveler said...

Many think it wasn't a plane that went into the pentigon and well yes, I'll have to check into that forth plane link becuase I dont have an answer...

Carmen said...

* Asterisk - Thanks for the link. Interesting viewing

Jill - I don't know either. But I think it's good to ask questions.

Janet - anything can have a "spin" I guess. But I still think that we need to ask questions.

Renee - I have a great deal of respect for people who give their lives for our country and the freedom to ask questions of our government. I do think that we shouldn't cover, say, a military strike before it happens. However, I do think we have every right to know whether our government put people at risk (such as knowing that Pearl Harbor was coming and not doing anything to stop it so we could enter the war) for ulterior motives.

Expat Traveler - That's all I'm saying. :) It just makes you think, is all.

shpprgrl said...

I can't imagine how you felt during that time. I was miles and miles away, but kept thinking 'what next'....for once I was thankful that I lived out in the middle of nowhere. It all still saddens me and I don't plan on watching any of the movies, etc.

Carmen said...

Shopgrl: It was, hand's down, the worst day I can remember. I guess that's why I'm still so sensitive about it, and why this upsets me so much.

Dorothy said...

Carmen- I tend toward Republican- hope we can still be friends.

I have questions too. But while we are in wartime we need to be ok with learning later some intelligence issues that may be vital to the war effort later. I know a lot of us say "I'm an American with a right to know" and that is true, but that right to know may endanger America when "safe and trustworthy" must also be added to the description of the recipients of those answers.

It's like a surprise party and one kid keeps screaming "Why are we hiding in the dark?" when the target is right outside the door. Hang in there, the answers will come. I won't forget, and I'm certain America never will.

I wouldn't get caught up in the theories. There is exceptional talent in graphic manipulation and seed planting. Be careful not to board a theory to readily.

Carmen said...

Dorothy: Oh my gosh yes, we're still friends! I want everyone to think what they think without feeling bad about thinking it! Though I still have lots of questions, and I'm sure I'll never get over that day.

Dustin said...

loose change = garbage

u girls should stop watchin that please

i'll make sure to call my guys out in the offices near the pentagon and tell them they really didn't see a plane ;)

mar said...

I had just gotten off a plane when I heard about this, nobody at the airport could explain things, flights to the US were cancelled... investigation is needed in order to avoid further attacks (a terrible thing to think about) But I don't like the marketing idea of this, won't go see any of this type of films...

shirley said...

I totally agree with you. It is way too soon, and any movie that comes out right now is profiteering. I mean, I'm sorry, but if anyone has any credible theories/research, it should go to the Attorney General!! What, is everyone trying to become Michael Moore?

You know what else? Don't apologize for offending anyone. You were so well spoken, that people would have to be looking for a reason to get upset. I love your blog & your thoughts!

eph2810 said...

Hm - I think your post was very offensive - you are just asking questions.
I totall stay away from politics a) because I can't vote anyway due to my citizenship b) it gives me headaches.
In regards of military - the great men and women are doing their duty, that is what they asked to do. We need to remember them in our prayers for strength and peace, for the ones in the US and abroad.

Liz said...

I had no intention of watching any movie involving 9/11 for oh so many reasons. One of which is because my heart couldn't take it. I cried so much after hearing what had happened that lone day that my eyes just didn't need to see any more horrible images. I did not know anyone who was directly involved in the terror that day, yet I felt like I knew everyone--I'm sure we all did. My heart sank at the thought of all those lives all those lost for no good reason and when I saw an advertisement for a movie I about threw up! It made me sick to think that some evil person was trying to get rich off this tragedy.

Well, as strange as it may sound I watched Flight 93 when it aired on t.v. for the second time (not intentionally. I was visiting someone who turned it on.) --amazing movie. I cried through most of it as it completely broke my heart all over again, but for different reasons. Reasons that may shock you, well, they did me anyways. This story told was of all the lives that were touched on that airplane and how each person decided to take a stand that day. It was of families sharing their stories of their hero on that plane. It was of families sharing a common ground and sense of closeness.

If you have the opportunity, please sit down and watch this movie. It may touch you in ways you cannot imagine. I know it did me.