Monday, April 03, 2006

WTF? Part Deux

As a follow up to my post last week where I mentioned that WTF? is going to become my new motto.

This brings a whole new meaning to WTF?. I Googled WTF? to get a mug or a t-shirt or something. I never expected to find these:

Now, maybe it's just me, but I don't think you want to be getting all up in someone's business and see a pair of boxers (or a thong, for you men out there) with WTF? printed on them. Makes you wonder what's underneath. And I've got to say, I don't know if the Made in the USA logo makes it better or worse.

What I thought was highly appropriate was this baby one-sie. And if I could only get the cat a shirt like what the dog is wearing, I'd be set.

But if you guys are dead set on getting those WTF? boxers, feel free to visit here.

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Anonymous said...

I may have to get the bumper sticker. $8 for a bumper sticker though? Dayum!

Kimmy said...

Those crack me up!

Tanya said...

Very cute. Though that thong....? All I can say is, WTF???

Glad you liked the pictures. I'm not killing my orchids yet, but I think that is because I live in the tropics where they are happy. I guess if I want to grow them, I just have to stay here...

Anonymous said...

they have very nice design there, did you saw the front page?

I just bought one of this one earth day t-shirt

and one of this one:
anti bush t-shirt
I got those today and are really awesome, good printing quality.

And no, I'm not the owner :)