Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Farmer's In the Dell

For some reason, I thought when I started this blog that there might be a lack of topics to write about.

I see now that the world is really f-ed up, and there is a constant supply of topics!

Thanks to friend Monica, my search for the perfect online dating site can now end.

Just for S&G, I did a search on Farmersonly.com, based entirely on the quote from the founder:

"You don't have to be a farmer to join FarmersOnly.com, but you do have to have the good old-fashioned traditional values of America's Heartland." - Jerry Miller, Founder
I guess since I voted to kick Bush's butt back to the heartland, I don't qualify, but I play along anyway.

First up on the search list (which, btw, just let me put in that I was a woman seeking a man, no other parameters allowed unless I sign up for the 14 DAY FREE PREMIUM TRIAL) is premiumspuds. He's pretty cute, he's 25, and has a farm with mostly row crops but some beef cattle. Here's the kicker - he lives in NORTH DAKOTA. Um, no to North Dakota.

Second is engleburtsdad, and he has no pic. I must say, the default "no picture" pic doesn't even make me want to request one.

This picture reminds me of one friend Monica and my favorite slot machines in Vegas. It's called Money Storm, and you have to match up farm animals that are caught in tornados. Funny stuff, people, funny stuff.

The closest one to my location I found was in Maryland (Monica lives there, maybe she can rock, paper, scissors me for this one.) His handle is grizzlyadams05. Grizzlyadams01-04 must've been taken. Again, um, no.

I guess I'll just have to stay single a bit longer.

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Karen said...

'engleburtsdad"? I'd be more concerned with the possiblity that he named his son Engleburt.
well, NO Carmen, I never have been to scrapblog.com. Do you really think I need another addiciton??? do they offer 12 step computer addiction programs yet?

Mandi said...

North Dakota is a nice place. But "premiumspuds"? I dont think so.

That is just wierd. Moo.

Tige said...

Pretty funny.

Anthony said...

Love your list of gripes. Pretty close to mine, especially the cell phone stuff. There's a rant on my blog, with more to come, I'm sure.
Yes, I figured there would be a lack of stuff to write about too, but I'm such a curmudgeon that I could probably do this hourly until I die and still have rants. My ranting gets raves.

P.S. My luggage combination is 1-2-3-4.

Carmen said...


re: your luggage combination.

Should I remind you to change it later? ;)