Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Those Wacky Aussies. . .

. . . Are at it again. (Dude, I could write a whole blog on Australia.)

Thanks to Dave Barry's Blog, I am kept dutifully informed on this breaking story. How come when I was a newspaper journalist, I never got to write headlines like this: "Spider-Hunting Nudist Ends with Ring of Fire"? Of course, I might have added as a subhead "And it Burns, Burns, Burns" but that's just me.

My comments on this story:
A) Reason one million and five why 56-year olds shouldn't be nudists. (I'd go through reasons one through one million and four, but it seems so obvious. )
B) When in Australia, LEAVE THE SPIDERS ALONE! If they don't bite and kill you, they'll burn your ass.
C) I'm guessing the spider is alive and well and laughing.
D) I guess it's not a Darwin Award unless they die?

Oh, but don't be disappointed folks. I'm not going to leave you with one wacky Aussie story, I'm going to leave you with TWO wacky Aussie stories. (Damn, I want to move here. Not only is it beautiful, but I'm like a rocket scientist there.)

If you need to ask where Uluru is, you're nowhere near it. You can see this thing from 30 miles away for Pete's sake. Of course, beer goggling Uluru is quite the past-time as I understand things. Tee hee.

Reminds me of when I'm in DC, and people earnestly ask me where the monument is.
"See that phalic white pointy thing over there?"
"Walk up there and take a left."

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Tanya said...


Now. Two weeks here and you never tried vegemite? Shame on you. Though I lived in Canada and the US for a few years and I was always able to buy it in the supermarkets. But be warned - to the uninitiated (read that as: unless you've eaten it since infancy), it is as gross as everyone says. But to me (and I have eaten this for as long as I can remember) it is the greatest sandwich spread in the world.

Reverberate58 said...

Ok I had to go check out the spider story! A shame the spider did not just jump on the man. Too funny!! And drunks they say the dumbest things!!

Grant Miller said...

Is it ok for 55 year olds to be nudists?

Carmen said...

I'm thinking it's probably not ok for ANYONE to be nudists. :) ha ha

Well, maybe Matthew McConoghy (sp?) can be.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

First: Love your hat :-)

Second: Loved the butt burned story ;-)

There you are, it's almost lethal to kill spiders. We had a small one as a pet for a while, don't know where he is now. He will come forward now when the springtime is here....

shirley said...

OMG - that nudist spider story had me rolling! I printed it out & pinned it to my office bulletin board. Right next to the microwave rules I printed out from you last week!