Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thou Shalt Not . . .

Thou Shalt Nots for the microwave

I saw this posted above the microwave at work, and was shouting "Amen" from the rafters. Funny, but true.

Thou Shalt Not Cook Smelly Stuff: The biggest problem in my opinion? Fish. Dude, please for the love of all that is holy don't cook fish in the microwave. And second, watch your popcorn. Burnt popcorn is not appetizing to anyone.

Thou Shalt Not Butt in Line: In our office, people line up their microwave-safe containers along the counter. It reminds me of kindergarten, where we used to say "bookbags don't save your place in line." nah nah. Juvenile, I know. But I was 6 for Pete's Sake.

Thou Shalt Not Leave a Mess: If your beans explode in the microwave, clean it up. I know better than to cook beans in a microwave, so I don't really want to do it for you.

Thou Shalt Not Leave it Broken: If the microwave is broken, call facilities. Like you're above that? Yeah, right.

Thou Shalt Reset the Controls: This I don't have so much trouble with, I can push cancel without much difficulty. I guess this is for those with carpal tunnel?



Kimmy said...

Isn't it sad that adults need the "thou shalt not" microwave list. Why is that? I might just copy this list for my ten year old! ;)

shirley said...

Sounds like we work in the same office! Unless (horrifying thought) all offices the world over have thoughtless people?

Hooray - I am printing this out & taping it to my own office microwave!

Carmen said...

Print it out, socialize it. Next time, I might add other social no nos, like clipping one's nails at one's desk. (yes, it happens weekly.)

shirley said...

Eww - I've seen people clip nails at my office, too. We really do work in the same place!

General rule of thumb (no pun intended) should be that if schrapnel (ie: flying nail bits) is involved, it doesn't below in the office.

In other news, you're one of the Daily Top Voted blogs on Blog Mad! I commented back to you on my blog, but figured I should really tell you on your own blog. :)

Thao said...

I am with you on the fish. It stinks to high heaven when it gets reheated. And I hate seafood. Great list.

quotidian said...

dropping in through blogmad....

awww....coming from the philippines, i LOVE fish. but my wife hates it with a passion. :(

if you ever go to asia, bring something to mask all those exotic smells. :)

pissedpoet said...

and in a similar vien

a memo from the Managers Desk

When on the phone
we know it's known
you'll call a dude
who's very rude

That's why the coffee
is provided free
to give a break
between the calls you make

But take a look and you will see
the awful mess that's left to me
of dirty cups that fill the sink
a putrid mess that soon does stink

Now, I am here to say
this situation cannot stay
if things don't soon improve
the dirty cups I will remove

So, if on coffee
you need to sup
wash your bloody cup