Friday, March 03, 2006

No Wonder Women Spend So Much on Hair Products!

I recently switched hair stylists, because I got the equivalent of a female mullet from my last stylist, who was promptly fired. The new stylist, Tania, really likes to experiment with different styling products each time I come in. (Which means I end up buying something new each time, because I live under the false hope that I'll be able to make my hair look like Tania makes it look. )

This time, when she reached for the styling product off of her shelf, I started laughing.

"You're not serious?" I asked, when she picked up the Bed Head bottle.

"We call it 'Fred'," she said.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Fred. $19 of pure phallic-ly packaged hair smoother cream. And you wonder why women spend so much at the hair salon! It’s bad enough that it looks like this with the lid on, but when you take the lid off, it’s even worse! Friends visit and use my bathroom and come out hysterically laughing at what is sitting on my bathroom counter. I then have to explain that it’s hair product, and didn’t come with batteries. Who comes up with this stuff? (And can I have their job?)

Comment topic: Describe the worst hair cut you ever had.

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Whitewhitch said...

Really laughed at you blog today...thank you. Also thanks for visiting my site. Glad you like the images.

Mandi said...

I'd buy that for a dollar!!

And get my air done much more often ;)

kerri said...

how funny... i might have to go buy that and keep it on my bathroom counter. i'm sure that my mother would die from embarassment the next time she was over... lol

thanks for the giggle...

cj said...

That is HILLARIOUS. I may have to go out and get some "Bed Head" (Gawd the name of that goop makes it even funnier!) myself. It would make for a great conversational piece!

Worst haircut ever? My mom gave me a gift certificate to go to my sister in law to be's salon for christmas. I went and got a perm.... on my way back to the cities after christmas my husband noticed a lot of my HAIR was falling out of the back of my head. Yes she pretty much burnt the hair on the back of my head OFF my head. Sad story, got a very very short hair cut after that. I might has well have auditioned for GI JANE. My mom swears to this day this woman likes me.

goss said...

My worst haircut was probably when I was a kid and my mom made me get a Princeton cut (nearly shaved). It even inspired a short little piece of fiction I wrote:

Mandi said...

Oh i forgot about the worst hair cut.

Its a tie. I got one many many years ago and didnt look at the back when he was done. I walked out of the salon and couldnt figure why everyone was laughing at me. Turns out the back of my hair looked like a butt!!

The last bad one was right before New Years. I got it cut on Christmas Eve, and we were both in bad moods. It came out so uneven, i had to go back New Years Eve to get it fixed before a party. The only way to fix it was to cut most of it off. And since my hair is tall instead of long, it was just under an inch tall. The drunk people got a kick out of it :)

Christa said...

LOL!! What a shame they didn't include batteries too :p

And here I was just stopping by to say howdy back and thanks for peeking in at my blog on your way by..heh

Carmen said...

Glad everyone has enjoyed this post. I got a big kick out of it too (but not in that way. ha.)

T. said...

Ha! That's funny. I'd totally buy that.

Tsulea said...

This is great, I use Bed Head Styling wax, that comes in little blue balls!