Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Short Memorial Day Trip

Wow, that was some response to yesterday's post. Local trips? That's what it takes to get comments? :)

Yes, the BF and I are on our way to Williamsburg. I'm taking Friday off, which means a 4-day workweek this week and next (yay!).

Don't laugh, but the first day of our vacation will be spent shopping. :) Williamsburg has an outlet mall, and since moving from Northern Virginia, I haven't had an outlet mall to go to, so there will be some serious shopping going on.

We'll be staying in a B&B Friday night. I've only stayed in an B&B in Ireland, so it'll be interesting to see what an American B&B will be like.

Saturday morning, we'll walk to Colonial Williamsburg (the B&B is a few blocks away) and we'll experience the Revolutionary City, meeting people in costume and watching them work. (I'm hoping to meet Thomas Jefferson. I'd like to thank him for founding UVA. HA! He's there, or so the Website says. I'll just have to flush him out.)

After lunch, we'll head to Jamestown. From what I remember, it's quite the interactive site.

No Busch Gardens for us this time. The BF isn't a big fan of roller coasters (though we did go to Kings Dominion on our second date, shows how much he liked me. ha.) Though he says he may consider it this summer. I won't make him go, though.

And Red, the Chesapeake Bay isn't a bay full of dogs. But that was funny. It IS full of crabs, though.

Then, to top off the weekend, we'll be seeing the new Indiana Jones movie on Sunday. We already have our tickets!


Renee said...

fyi: Jamestown is all ruins except for a Church that still stands there. DD was pretty bored and unfortunately we spent way too much time there. There's a recreation of Jamestown to the right as you're getting to the "island" that was much more interesting. They had a lot of hands on stuff to do there and folks in costumes.
If we go back I would do the recreation first and then go to the ruins as they are digging up the original fort and that's interesting to me.

Enjoy your shopping! We didn't go shopping much cuz we had to fly home.

And we've never done a B&B before, please post all the details when you get back.

Enjoy your short work weeks!

Renee said...

Oh and don't miss the glass blowing! That was very cool (make that hot! LOL!)
I should have bought some of that glass, but I was being too picky.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

My human went to Colonial Williamsburg for an afternoon and quite liked it. You are lucky to live so near.

Goofy Girl said...

Sounds like you've got a good plan :) Have fun shopping!!

~Virginia~ said...

i've always wanted to stay at a b&b! well, we did once in mexico, but never here. houston's kind of hard to day-trip from. we love love love austin which is only about 2ish hours away. but for the most part, we've been there seen that in texas. nothing interesting in louisiana for the most part.

we're still debating about watching indiana jones. recommend iron man though! it was better than i expected it to be.

Janet said...

Have fun in Williamsburg...I always loved it there! Try the molasses cookies if you get a chance :-)