Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vegas Trip Report

I'm Ba-ack!

The weather in Vegas was sunny and dry, unlike here in Virginia, where I think the May flowers will be very happy with the April showers.

This being my fifth trip to Las Vegas, I feel uniquely qualified to offer my own best of Vegas list.

1. Best Hotel: Mandalay Bay. More on this in a later post, but the hotel is beautiful, the rooms are great, the pool is super fun - it's awesome.

2. Best Cirque Show: Mystere. I say this because it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and it's lots of fun. I've got to say, I was a little disappointed in "O" (the water show at the Bellagio, named after the French word for water). The tickets were ridiculously priced, and while entertaining, I was left wanting.

3. Best Steak: It's still Prime in the Bellagio, but the steak we had at BOA Steakhouse in Ceasar's Palace was quite yummy. BOA had their own version of A-1 sauce called J-1. It was really good.

4. Best Place to Gamble: Freemont Street. Again, I'll dedicate a whole post to this, but Freemont Street has the best minimums, the most helpful dealers and of course, the light show.

5. Best Breakfast: Many of you already know this, but Le Buffet in Paris Hotel is to die for. I had my raspberry-filled crepe with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar, with some sliced almonds. I'm drooling as I write this.

6. Best Free Show: Bellagio Fountains. Video below. Please ignore the loudmouths beside me that wouldn't shut up. I wanted to pop them. :)

And now, for the photos: Highlights of Vegas


Goofy Girl said...

Looks like a fun time :) I had the breakfast at the paris - yum!!

Janet said...

I had the breakfast at the Paris...with Goofy Girl!

Gotta disagree with the "Best Cirque Show", tho...for me, it was Love! If you're a Beatles fan, it's simply amazing!!!

Renee said...

Thanks for the memories! DH & I have to go back there again together. The last time we were there was the most romantic time we've had since our honeymoon. DH is there alone this week teaching a class at the Westin this week.

Oh and I don't think that you'll ever be able to get a video of the fountains w/o idiots talking at the Bellagio...there are just too many idiots in the world. I'll have to show your video to DD when she gets up. She really wants to go there after hearing all the fun stuff we did...I didn't mention to her all the other stuff that wasn't so fun.

Amy said...

so...still never been to vegas...and yes i am bitter about this...i would have popped the people next to you too! seriously just shut up for 4 minutes! beautiful video though and very cool that you can take pictures while recording!

Red said...

Is the ceiling of the Venetian... the Sistine Chapel ceiling?!

Crazy Vegas, man...

What I want to know is... did you go on the Skywalk? Now, that's SCARY!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Carmen.....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, even tho it's midday, you now have me drooling. Your #5. Dang.....raspberry filled crepe...:::swallowing my salvia::: I need one...NOW!!! LOL

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Okay my human is taking notes. Are you coming to cat sit if she goes? Humm?

Melli said...

I could probably spend a week and very little money JUST watching the fountains! LOL! Nooooo... I do SERIOUSLY want to go to Vegas! Krysti wants to have her 21st birthday there -- and Derek is up for that -- so I'm thinking we MIGHT actually do a family trip in... ugh... 2.5 more years!!!

~Virginia~ said...

I agree. Mystere rocks! I was contemplating holding a grudge against you for eating one of those rock-my-world crepes, but I couldn't stop myself from commenting! :)