Friday, April 04, 2008

Oooh Ouzo

I like to try to immerse myself in the local culture when I go on vacation, and in Greece, that means eating Greek food and drinking Greek drinks.

The Greek food I liked the best was mousakka. It's a bit like lasagne, but with eggplant.

The Greek drink I disliked the most was Ouzo. (The pic to the left is of a colorful ouzo bar in the Plaka.) It is served cold, has a bit of a cloudy look to it, and tastes like licorice. If you like licorice, then you may like this drink. If you don't, like me, it may not be the most pleasant experience ever. But when in Greece . . .

These are photos of me trying Ouzo at a restaurant called Old Tavern Stamatopoulos. The ouzo set us back 5 Euros (which now would be what, about $10?). We ate dinner here, lured by the Greek music. The music was good, the food was "eh".


We tried some other restaurants in the Plaka - this is a pedestrian-only (and moped) area where shops are packed in side by side and restaurant peddlers stand in front of their establishment and try to lure you in. We were told not to fall for this, that if they have to peddle their wares the food wouldn't be so great. But, we were tired and hungry and the little old man was so, well, GREEK that we went in to the Hani Restaurant on Adrianiou Street. We got really lucky.

We took a seat inside (there's also outside seating) to take advantage of the a/c, but requested the window seat, so we could still sort of be outside and people watch. The little old Greek man even took our picture. I ordered my safe chicken, and the BF ordered roast beef. When the food arrived, we took a look at each others' plate and decided to switch. That beef was probably one of the top 2 meals I had in Greece, and among the least expensive (each meal was about 7 or 8 Euros.)

I hope you all have a great weekend, with your drink and food of choice! :)


~Virginia~ said...

i love that last picture--it's like you two are sitting in a cute little frame! :) happy friday!

Renee said...

first...thanks so much for your post on Athens yesterday! It came in so handy with "So Are You Smarther Than a 5th Grader." One of the questions was "Where is the Parthenon?" (don't know how to spell!) I got it right, thanks to you! DD got "What did Prometheius steal from the Gods and give to humans?"... from watching the Hercules cartoon TV show on the Disney Chanel. LOL! hey, I don't care where she learns it, if she's learning.

I LOVE the picture of you & BF! That is just so cute! Will that be your Christmas card this year? LOL! Okay, don't scare him off yet. But seriously, you both look so good together there.

and I don't think that I would like Ouzo either!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Ah that does look like a fine restaurant--isn't it fun to find things like that?

I think that was the look on my humans face when she tried Ouzo too...

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Oh my goodness! I hate licorice too!!!!! I can't imagine how unpleasant that must have been.

Husband and I ended up switching our meals a few times in Paris too.

Janet said...

mmmm, I love me some Ouzo! There's a drink in France, called pastis, same taste and I got OH SO DRUNK on that and scrawled hysterically funny postcards to all my friends on the bathroom floor of my hotel room afterwards ;-)