Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vegas Itenerary

As promised, here's some info on what we'll be doing in Vegas (because I'm sure you can't wait to find out. Ha.)

Since it's the BF's first trip to Sin City, we'll spend most of our first day there (we arrive at 10 a.m., so we'll have the whole day) cruising the Strip. Each hotel is like it's own mini-attraction, so we'll start at Mandalay Bay, and move our way up. One of my favorite things to see in Vegas is the indoor garden at the Bellagio, which changes themes with the season/holiday. I also hope that I can talk the BF into a gondola ride at the Venetian (the river is on the SECOND FLOOR!) Hopefully, he'll also be up for a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris, because IMHO, that's one of the best vantage points for the Bellagio fountains (though you can't hear the music from up there.)

I'm pretty excited about our plans to go to Mix Lounge, atop Mandalay Bay's TheHotel. It's supposedly one of the best views of the Strip. I'll let you know. The cover is $20 on weeknights, and I'm sure the drinks are about $12 each, so it'll be a pricey view.

Vegas is also one of the best places to find great food. Each time I go, I eat at least one "splurge" dinner at a steakhouse. Emeril's Delmonico is great, the Prime in the Bellagio is great. Now, I'll get to form an opinion of the BOA Steakhouse - voted one of the best steaks in Veags in 2007. It's in Ceasar's Palace.

Speaking of food, Vegas is famous for the buffet. The best breakfast buffet in all of Vegas is in the Paris Hotel. It's called Le Village, and it runs about $20 a person. It's not cheap, but it's gooooooood. Everything on the buffet is tasty, but the crepes - made in front of you and with your choice of filling - make it the best. It'll save you money on lunch, too, because you'll be stuffed.

We'll also be spending some time at the Mandalay Bay pool. I HEART the pool. It's a wave pool, and it's surrounded by "beach" sand. They also have a lazy river, where you can sit on an innertube and just let the current take you along. I'm thinking we may bring our own, uninflated innertubes, because they rent them for $20. Vegas loves to nickle and dime you.

As mentioned a few days ago, one whole day will be taken up with our side trip to the Grand Canyon.

Then, of course we're going to see a show. I've always wanted to see "O", a Cirque de Soliel show with a water theme (the French word for water is "eau", thus the name.) I've seen another Cirque show, "Mystere", which was awesome. Tickets were not cheap to this little diddy - $137. There is a half-price ticket booth in Vegas that sells same-day show tix, but I didn't want to chance it. I wanted to see this specific show.

Of course, we'll be doing some gambling. I am a fan of the penny slots. Why? I can play longer and with less money, and the slots are often fun with games and bonus points and noises. :) Plus, I love me some blackjack. The minimums are WAY too high for me on the Strip ($20 per hand is the cheapest I've seen.) This is what makes downtown Freemont Street a great $11 taxi ride away. There are $3 and $5 tables there, which means I can play $50 at blackjack, and usually hang in for a couple of hours. The BF wants to learn to play craps, so we've been studying YouTube videos and tutorials. We'll probably play that at Freemont as well, because there, the dealers and casino staff are a bit more willing to "help" you learn, and things are a bit "looser".

I've also made the BF promise to take me dancing. (What is it with men? They'll dance with you to woo you, they get you, and they never want to go dancing again!) We'll hit the clubs Friday night. Maybe we'll see Paris Hilton. I'll let you know. Previous experience has made my favorite club "Light" in the Bellagio. "Pure" at Ceasars is pretty hard to get into (Plus a $50 cover.) "Tao" in the Venetian is way too young a crowd. We'll also get drinks at the "Ghost Bar" in the Palms, off-Strip. (Another good Vegas view, btw.)

There will be no sleeping. We can sleep when we're dead. :)


Renee said...

wow! sounds like 2 weeks worth of fun. LOL! The thing I noticed about the 1/2 tickets place was that they were quoting the full price for a show I wanted to see as the most expensive seat in the house but their 1/2 was what the cheapest seats were going for. So I'm thinking that you ended up in the cheap seats. we do much better with comp points.
DH actually suggested that we go dancing while we were there...but I think finding a place for it would have been difficult, perhaps the hotel could have helped us.
My friend just went last week, I asked her to try and get me a Carl Feris CD but he wasn't there the night she went.

Oh the homework at Church thing...We're Lutherans and it is for her Confirmation class(yeah, kinda like Catholic.)

~Virginia~ said...

CREPES!! CREPES!! Oh my. I love those crepes at Le Village. LOVE.

Every time we've tried to go on the gondola, the line was like 12 blocks long!

Have you ever rented a car out there? We've found it's much easier to get around.

LOVE Mystere! HATED Ka. Hope O is good!

There's a really great karaoke place at the House of Blues--you sing with live band! Really fun place to hang out.

Hope you guys have a blast!

Janet said...

We had that breakfast buffet at the Paris was all that!

LOL I was thinking BF was best friend, now I realized it's boy friend.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Ummm... I'd go for the penny slots and free drinks... Oh they don't server cats? Darn it.

Goofy Girl said...

Oohh I was there with Janet at that breakfast, and it was great!! Yum!!

Sounds like a fun trip, need a 3rd wheel!! haha jk!

Amy said...

honestly, i am going to sleep for you because just reading that made me tired (it could be that it's 11pm too) i'm very jealous, i have wanted to go to vegas for a while now but most of my friends are either married or dating someone and don't want to go :(