Monday, March 31, 2008

Mandalay Bay Hotel

The first question I get asked anytime I tell someone that I'm going to Las Vegas is "Where are you staying?"

Which hotel you use in Vegas is almost like what brand of jeans you wear. It doesn't REALLY matter, but it SAYS something about who you are.

I find myself uniquely qualified to comment about Vegas hotel rooms, because I've stayed in a lot of Vegas hotel rooms. I've stayed in the Paris Hotel and Casino, the Luxor, New York New York, the now-defunct Aladdin, the Bellagio, the Venetian, and Mandalay Bay.

Of these that I've stayed in so far, Mandalay Bay has stayed atop of my favorites list. Why? First, it's location. Yes, I know, it's at the end of the Strip and it's not in the middle of the action. That's why I like it. You get the Strip feel without the Strip noise and crowds. It's also well-connected - there's the tram that takes you (for free)to either the Luxor or Excaliber, and it's also connected to the Luxor by a new walkway (filled with SHOPPING!).

Another reason that I like Madalay Bay is the pool area. The most fun pool is the wave pool, where the waves can be adjusted in height depending on the whim of those that run the show (and for surfing competitions.) Although, I did learn this week that when the waves get higher, they can flood the beach area around the pool. (Yes, there's sand and everything.) Mandalay also features a lazy river, which has a current of about 1 mph. You can sit in an innertube with a drink in your hand and just float your way through your day. (Though there is a waterfall at one end that you may want to maneuver around.) There's also a regular-ol'-joe pool.

I also really enjoy the casino area. I prefer the newer hotels with the well-ventilated casinos, because I hate the 1-900 voice I get after being in all that smoke. In addition, Mandalay Bay caters to me, the penny-slot whale. (A whale is someone who drops a load of cash on gambling in the casinos.) I don't drop big dollars, I drop big pennies. I just like these slots because I can play for a long time on a little bit and the games are just really fun.

On my previous stay at Mandalay Bay, we were upgraded to a Strip view room, we got the best service, and we really felt like we were important guests.

Here's the tip of the day for Vegas hotels. Sign up for their loyalty points. And some good advice I got this week - if you're going as a couple, sign up on the SAME ACCOUNT, rather than each of you getting an account. You'll accrue more points that way. Also, when you sign up for the rewards, you're often given a present. Whether it's a match play coupon, or a mug, it's FREE.


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Hey! Now I know what I'm called. A penny slot whale! I've always known there was a name for such an animal. I'm so excited for you guys. I've really been wanting to go to Vegas lately.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

There's sand with a beach? Perhaps I'll join the woman. I love a large litter box...

Oh and have you heard the rumors? Kukka Maria is back too.

Renee said...

I've stayed at Harrahs (is it still Harrahs?), the now defunct Barbary Coast, Imperial (hated it!!!), and Excalibur.

Out of all of those we enjoyed the Barbary Coast the most. Yeah it doesn't have a pool, but it had the best rooms.

I agree with you on the new ventilation systems. Normally I shower in the mornings but when we're in Vegas, I HAVE to shower at night so that my hair doesn't stink and keep me up.

I decided a while back that if I'm going to be dropping money all over the place that I want something to show for now I just go shopping! he he

and the Titanic exhibit at the Tropicana is AWESOME!!! I highly recommend it.

AND YES, YES, YES, get the loyalty cards with joint accounts! We get free rooms, free shows and free food!!! can't beat it. The "Tournament of Kigns" at Excalibur is a bit corney and way too much food, but it was a very fun experience and who can beat going for free with our points?

Amy said...

i really want to go to vegas. but my friends are either married or have no desire to go to vegas. ugh! thanks for the ideas though. if i ever get there, i'll use them. oh and i am also a penny-slot whale.

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh Wow, I've never been. It sounds really wonderful. I've enjoyed seeing Vegas in the movies. Loved your insights.

Goofy Girl said...

That pool really does sound sweet. :)

Red said...

I used to want to go Vegas, but the more I hear about it, the more I think I wouldn't like it... funny that, eh?! I think I'm just too damn old to fight the crowds and brave the smoky casinos... give me the Utah desert any day of the week!

So, are you back for good? Looks that way! You know, I only removed you from my blogroll because it looked like you had abandoned us all... nothing personal!

Las Vegas said...

I will have to take your ideas in consideration with the accounts. The thing I usually do not do the accounts because of the spamming emails and phonecalls. Next time i'm in Vegas, i'll try out the lazy river and just go in circles but my hotel of choice is the Wynn. Sorry ;) Well thanks for the tips