Friday, March 14, 2008

It's the New Zoo Review

I'm going to start blogging again. (I don't know if that is causing you great relief or great angst.) But I'm going to take this blog and convert the topic to travel. My travel. Your travel. World travel. Local travel.

I'm going to take some time and clean up the blog, and then take a new, fresh approach to things.

I hope it interests you enough to keep reading. Stay tuned.


Renee said...

well you're still on my reader I'll still come back! ;)

Janet said...

woohoo! Glad to see you back :-)

Yoshi said...

Hey, i'll be back to read your site for sure :D

good to hear you're gonna blog again.

~Virginia~ said...

yea! we've missed you! :) i finally wisened up and started using google reader (SO handy!) so i'll be able to keep track of your new postings! looking forward to more posts!

Connie S. Alspaugh said...

Sounds like a great plan. I will be back to read more. ;)