Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pooh Bear Speaks Out

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Hello to my peeps!

Since the woman has been a blogging lump on a log recently, I convinced her to let me write an entry. I've been pretty busy myself - mostly basking in sunbeams - but I felt bad that she was leaving you all hanging. So I'm taking a few minutes out of my naptime on the back of the couch to write to you.

First, there has been this "guy" hanging around the house a lot. He's ok, I guess, if you like the non-furry type. He was my savior when the woman went on her trip, and he made sure that I had food to eat. He even hung around watching the big-screen tv so I wouldn't get too lonely. When he comes over, I don't run away. I like to keep my eyes on him. He still looks kind of shifty to me. The other day, he dared to put his hand on The Woman's leg, and I jumped on the couch and head butted his hand so he'd pet ME. I'm a very jealous cat. I am the man in her life, and he had just better get used to that. Then again, he did give her flowers, which made her just giddy, so maybe he's not that bad.

And to add insult to injury, The Woman took me to the V-E-T last week. She "says" it's because the law requires me to get a rabies shot. I think she was paying me back for the head-butting the guy thing, but regardless. I did not like this vet. She squeezed my tummy and made me growl, and didn't give me any processed cheese after like the OLD vet did. But the Woman says this is the closest vet, so my choice is a short car ride or processed cheese. It's a hard decision, I have to say. The rabies shot they gave me made me a grumpy bear for a few days. I got all drooly, and didn't want to eat (which is when you KNOW something is wrong). The Woman also says that I smelled funny for a few days. She says that maybe we'll defy the law, since I'm an indoor cat, and not get a rabies shot anymore.

THEN the vet says I need to get some teeth pulled and get them cleaned. The Woman says I'll need to get a job to pay for the $400 proceedure. She wonders if I really need to have the dental work done, or if the vet is trying to buy a new house. Any of you cats out there have any insight? I won't let the Woman brush my teeth, so that's not an option.

I've finally adjusted to life in the new house. I have a few new favorite spots to nap. I like to bat on the shades in the morning until the Woman opens them so I can look out the window. And then I like the afternoon sun in the kitchen. I also like to sneak into the kitchen pantry to steal food when the Woman doesn't see me. She's shut me in there a few times, and it's dark, but that's ok, because there's an endless supply of food.

That's the low down on me. Peace out!


Melli said...

Pooh Bear... Keep your eye on that "guy" -- but reward him for flowers! Flowers are ALWAYS a good thing! My kitties like to eat the Baby's Breath that comes in them! I've heard mixed reviews on if this is a good thing or bad thing -- but it's never killed them yet, so we consider it a treat!

Hm... I can't even get mySELF to the dentists... I don't think my kitties would stand a chance!

Renee said...

I don't know much about kitty teeth. I do know that when I had a kitty (like a squillion years ago) she needed to be spade and she had this very cute "snaggle tooth"...her one bottom tooth stuck outside her mouth. My mom had the vet check it while she was in for the spay...well the vet ended up pulling both her bottom incisor teeth because he said they were rubbing her gums. So my kitty lost her personality and I had to pay for the privilege. *eyeroll!*

I know that Lilly's vet thinks that she will probably need her teeth cleaned next year. I don't know if I'll do it...we'll see about that. I do know that I'm plum sick of them charging me to test her for heartworms. no I don't keep her on heartworm meds all year long, but we don't have mosquitos all year long and she's an indoor dog. I may get a new vet. *sigh*

Virginia said...

Poor Pooh! First, a man usurping your territory--then the V-E-T! :)

Cheysuli said...

I do have to go in and get my teeth cleaned regularly. It is helpful. Cats can loose teeth if they aren't cleaned.

However, if you aren't sure, it won't hurt to get a second opinion--particularly if your old vet never had a problem with Pooh's teeth.

The price seems higher than I'd expect even from the area you live in though. Does Pooh need to have some teeth pulled?

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Pooh, both my sister and I have our teeth cleaned often. But, its never a decision our mommy takes lightly since there is anesthesia involved.

We know your mommy will make the right decision. Maybe the absence of cheese will help keep them clean longer. :) hehe

Anonymous said...

make sure pooh that this man of your mothers is good. If he hurts he, I may have to work out some payback for him. Your mama is the sweetest and seriously I hope this man is the "one" and treats her well. She does deserve it more than anyone.

Hope you enjoy the sun mate, its freezing in australia, just the way i like it though!!!

Bone said...

The secret, I think, is to continue pretending the pantry is punishment for you. Then once inside, eat to your heart's delight.

Thanks for the update, Pooh.

Janet said...

We might pay you, Pooh, for a picture of the guy...or maybe even the flowers!

TC said...


This was too funny :)

Makes me miss my cat something fierce though.

Goofy Girl said...

We brush Wolfie's teeth and his breath is so much better - but $$ for dental stuff... who knows!!

Love the shot of you Pooh, you're very handsome, and don't forget she will always been your woman!

mar said...

I will have to ask my mom since she recently got a little cat... Flowers? did you say flowers? sounds purr-fect to me , lol!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Pooh is ADORABLE!! I have to take one of our two kitties to the V-E-T today, I'm sure I'll be paying for that for the next few days!

I love the shot with the tulip, SO artsy and adorable! Your kitty could be a calendar cat for one of those Cat A Day Calendars.