Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Ouch. Pain! Back spasms. Ouch! Crap.

Anyone have any tips to help? I've been on the heating pad since last night. I think I may have to go to the doc to get something to help. I can't take ibuprofin pain meds (allergic).

And I have a mini-road trip on Saturday with "the guy". This HAS to be better by then. :(


Leanne said...

Aleve helped my pain, but the doc had to give me a shot of pain killer for the spasms. mTHAT helped. :/

Cheysuli said...

Acupuncture and chiropractic. Do you have any tennis balls or something softer? Place two in a sock and then lie down on them to releaase the back spasms. A tennis ball is usually about right but with REALLY bad back spasms, you might want to start with something softer so that you don't have so much pressure on the back. Use the tennis balls evenly across the back (why the sock) so that you get even pressure.

Too? Try it on a mattress so that it sinks in more and then gradually move up to the floor.

It is normal for that to be achy and sort of hurt--but if it doesn't hurt like a good massage and if it's too intense you are putting too much pressure too fast and either get a softer ball or a softer place to start out. Did that make sense?

Do it your self catupressure.

Cheysuli said...

Oh seeing you hate needles, there is study that our yoga studio reported on on how people with back pain were helped just by using yoga more than those those who used anything else. Don't start today of course, but perhaps Pooh can put you through some moves when you feel better.

Find a good studio that is JUST yoga so they can help you modify as you have an ongoing back problem.

Renee said...

A physical therapist helped my neck & shoulder pain...I had set off a trigger point. They're also very good at helping you figure out what set off your pain in the first place to help avoid it in the future or give you exercises to strengthen your other muscles so this one doesn't take the brunt of the abuse next time.

Good luck! I hope you're better soon. Perhaps "the guy" might be willing to help massage out that pain? ;)

Melli said...


Goofy Girl said...

I'd say go to someone who can help u with the musculoskeletal probs like a DO that does manipulations, a chiro, physical therapy, whatever u like. Can you take anything else that can relieve some of this inflammation?

Hope you feel better soon, I would help ya out if you want to come visit me! :D

Virginia said...

Did I miss a blog or two? How'd you hurt your back? Or is this a recurring problem?

Hope you feel better soon! Soaking in epsom salt helps sometimes, but that's usually only for mild aches and pains.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Oh NO!!!

Get better - fast!!!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I tend to listen to Chey's human for these things. Though the chiropractor is the only one who has helped me in the past. Pills....nothing. Muscle relaxors, pain meds- nothing.