Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A mixed day

Yesterday was a hard day. If you've been hiding under a rock, you don't know about the shootings that happened in my state yesterday. Despite the fact that Va. Tech is a rival school to my beloved UVA, I'm still affected a great deal by the mass casualties on the campus in Blacksburg yesterday. This world continues to shock me, despite how jaded I feel I've become. My prayers are with those families. That's a phone call I couldn't begin to imagine. The highways here yesterday were packed with family and friends heading down there to be with or check on loved ones.

It feels weird to be having a life in the midst of all this, but I think things like this make having a life even more important, no? So I continued on and had another date last night. This guy was a bit younger than me (28 - is six years younger too much? I guess we'll find out.) It must have gone well, because after our coffee date, he asked me if I wanted to grab some dinner. I'd already eaten, but I went along with him. At the end, he said he really wanted to see me again, and even sent me an email last night. He's definitely easy on the eyes, and has a great smile. I think he was a bit nervous - heck, I always try to keep that in mind when I am on a first date. He talked A LOT - I could hardly get a word in. Maybe that's why he liked me, I don't know. He talked a lot about himself, too. Which is ok, but at some point, you'll have to want to get to know me, too. But I said I'd go out again, so we'll see. I have another date set up for Thursday night (conveniently after I get my hair done, so I'll look GOOD!).

Tomorrow night I have plans to go to a Richmond Braves baseball game - and it looks like I'll possibly freeze to death. But the group of folks that I'm becoming friends with are all going, so I want to be social. There's a guy in that group that I have some chemistry with. Trouble is, he's separated, which is a bit troublesome to me anyway. But I think we have friendship chemistry at the least. So I'll be freezing to spend some time with him, and a new girl (space) friend that I hope to become friends with.


Anonymous said...

"This world continues to shock me, despite how jaded I feel I've become."

Truer words were never spoken. That's exactly how I feel.

I've just become so downhearted and....down about the whole thing.

One Scrappy Gal said...

I have been hiding under a rock and didn't know about what happened in VA until I read this. Then I hopped on to a news site and... eek! You're right...it seems weird for life to go on when something huge like that happens, but yes, it's more important than ever to have a life. Hope your second date goes well and that he'll ask you about YOU. I'm sure you'll look beautiful!! :)

Kukka-Maria said...

I immediately thought of you when I heard the news yesterday. I knew Virginia Tech was not your school, but I also knew you might be dealing with it directly.

As for the date? I'm glad you're giving him a second chance. When I get nervous, I chat a lot...I'm glad guys don't write me off immediately.

It usually take about 2 dates before they run.

Renee said...

I was worried about you and all the other VA bloggers when I heard the news. What a sad day.

Hummm I wonder how your second date with young guy will go. I think I probably hogged the conversation on my first date with DH...but he invited me to go to Busch Gardens with him...so it couldn't have gone all that bad. LOL Maybe if you jump in first you'll get a word in.

I hope your game isn't as cold as it's predicted to be...I sure hate being cold. Oh, have you tried those Thermo-care things yet? I put one of those under my clothes when we were camping and it sure helped keep me from freezing to death...we were up over 10,000 feet. Burr!

Janet said...

I don't understand such violence. The guy was obviously mentally ill...so sad, so incredibly sad.

As for your date, 6 years younger isn't too young! My second husband was 10 years younger than me!

KarenW said...

Definitely a sad sad day. I am so sorry for all the people involved. Actually, I am grieved for all of us because we are all affected by it to some degree.

6 years younger is a big deal if you are 16. But once you hit the 30's, 40's etc, it doesn't matter very much. Good luck!

Goofy Girl said...

The whole VT thing is just so awful. :(

I hope that the thing goes too tonight!

Anonymous said...

I was so shocked when i heard about V Tec. The world is definately a crazy place.

As for the date...See told you u were a hottie! The guy was probably nervous which is why he rambled on. Hopefully u get a word in on thursday!!!

AS for the other guy, well the best relationships always start with friends first! Go for it!

Sparky Duck said...

Kukka and I must be psychic, because you were one of the first people i thought of, even though I know Blacksburg and where you are are no where near each other.

colleen said...

These date journeys are fun too.

Katherine said...

woo hooey! Let me know how the date goes. Hopefully he won't be as nervous this time and will think to slow down and ask you some questions. You have to forget first date jitters as long as there is some chemistry there. Have fun!

Cheysuli said...

We were saddened to hear about VT. Although we're in the PNW, we have friends who went to VT when they were in school. Shocking.