Monday, March 19, 2007

Almost there

How did it get to be Monday so fast? Sigh.

The house is coming along. We're close to pictures, people! The end of this week will see the new kitchen floor and new carpet, and then I'll do my 13 next week with pictures of my house. :)

I spent all weekend on the house. Next weekend, I think I'm going to just put a stop to house stuff, and spend some time on me. Maybe I'll finanlly go shopping. My jeans are about to fall off! I'm down 16 pounds now. I think a shopping trip is in order! Mostly, I'm just really tired of house stuff. I wonder if it wouldn't have been better to stay where everything was organized, and just right.

I'm also having neighbor issues. I have a next door neighbor who is elderly, and I think pretty lonely. He's also an engineer, which may explain the lack of social skills. Anyway, he's attached himself to me, not in an icky way, but in an annoying one. For example, he asked if I'd like him to drive me around to show me all the short cuts. FOUR HOURS later, I've seen all of Richmond, the house he grew up in, all of his schools, etc. I felt obliged, so when grilling out that evening, I made him a burger and took it over. His response? "You're not going to bring yours over and eat it here?" Um, no. Then, he calls on the phone, and says "meet me at the door, please." and brings me ice cream. He asked if he said something to offend me on "our drive". Ugh. I'm like - dude, I didn't feel good, and I was tired and just wanted to go home. I need to but a big old kabosh on this. I don't mind being the friendly neighbor, but I do not need to be best friends with this man. Trouble is, I don't know how to maintain a friendly manner without bluntly saying "you're annoying the heck out of me."



Renee said...

It's really tough establishing boundaries with some folks. But right now you have a really good've just moved in and you're still unpacking and doing stuff to the house.
You could next be at the gym a lot.

But it might be easier to talk to him than to just duck out all the time. Tell him the like him but you aren't wanting to be his new best friend...maybe not that harshly.

Renee said...

duh, I came to tell you about the butterflies.

Our librarian brought in monarch catapillars once and we got to see them go into their crysalis...and we've done the painted ladies from egg to butterfly. very cool

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

16 pounds and jeans falling off!!!!! Way to go kiddo. I'm so proud of you. I know you look hot and sexy and feel good about yourself too.


Melli said...

I'm trying to figure out WHICH 16 pounds you could afford to lose! I'm pretty positive you didn't HAVE that many extra when I met you! You must have GAINED some before you started losing! ;) (way2go!)

Boy ... I wish I had an easy answer for the guy next door... how DO you get yourself into these things? I see HIM as a chapter! Maybe if you ask God real nice, He'll put the right words in your mouth.... maybe...

Katherine said...

OMG! That is so hard. Crap, I wish I had good advice. I have to think the "honeymoon" period will wear off a bit. He's probably so dang happy to have a nice neighbor to talk to he's beside himself with joy. If it doesn't cool off in a few weeks then I think you just have to start turning him down when he asks you to do things and he'll get the hint. GAH

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ouch. I hate when that happens. I've a neighbour that is like an guardian dog, though she is good to have when we're away - to watch out for burglers ;-)

Hope you're not overdoing with all the moving business. I've seen you taking some time off and relaxing on our cruise - excellent!

You're always welcome - even later.

Come on over and see my new sexy red dress I bought for the evening out in Barcelona ;-)

Captitán Lifecruiser

Yoshi said...

Can't wait to see some pictures, for some odd reason I find moving into a house fun times. The excitement of placing all the furniture, decorating, and so on. The house warming parties... Yeah I'm a weird one. :)

I wish I had some advice for you about your neighbor though. But I believe honesty is the best policy in a situation like that. I mean you're just moving in, and you've got plenty of stuff on your mind that you've gotta do, this shouldn't have to be on your mind as well. Just tell him that you've got a lot going on right now. It's tough.

kailani said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I guess all that moving was great excercise!

Your poor neighbor sounds so lonely but it's not your duty to entertain him.

Hootin'Anni said...

Oh....well, I was hoping you had an evening gown for the cyber cruise this fine night!

I've been doin' the Flamenco tho, I've been told it's from farther south in Spain....but who cares. Spain is KNOWN for the dance. So I'm doin' it by hook or by crook!

Now, if I were Dear Abby I'd tell you to just kindly handle your neighbor with a bit of truth and diplomacy.

Tell him next time he calls that you'd like to be the neighbor of little complaining, but your life is just that, YOURS. And there are many-a-times that you want your space AND privacy.

He'll soon understand, even if he is aged and perhaps slow to comprehend.

Anthony said...

You're in a tough spot. As you know, condo people need good condo neighbors. It's a shame, because he sounds like he's nice, but there's something creepy about it.

Do you think he would turn on you (neighbor-wise) if you told him he was being annoying? If so, it might be best not to confront him. Bad condo neighbors aren't great to have.

If you don't he would turn into a bad neighbor, I say go for it.

Amy said...

Way to go on the 16 pounds. That is FANTASTIC! And new clothes is ALWAYS far as the neighbor, I think it'll get easier once you have a work schedule and the gym and all your other busy life things. He probably just wants to be helpful and he's lonely. You could put it nicely too that you like talking with him but you have a lot to do with having the new house and having to get your life straightened out! Keep us posted!

Teena said...

Be nice but not too nice.

Red said...

I can't believe how intrusive this guy is being already! Start by investing in an answerphone and screen the calls.

Amy said...

From your profile picture, you already look a nice healthy weight-- but if losing weight is what you need, then you are doing a great job!!

As far as the neighbor goes, I would be careful. Definitely pull away a bit, in a polite way. Just the occasional wave and all so that he pulls back a bit.

jenn said...

no suggestions there, we have an elderly neighbor who is also a bit of a pain. Very nice, but a pain.

When I talk to her, I just make it very clear that I've only got 15 minutes and then i need to leave. It's helped, but she still will talk my ear off if I just stand there. Maybe it would help if he knew how busy you are. good luck.

Congrats on the 16 pounds, I'm jelous I need to get my butt in gear and find some hot firemen to work out around!

Uisce said...

your neighbor is lonely, but that doesn't need to be your problem. just be honest with him. if he wants to have ice cream, tell him you're having surgery the next day and you're not supposed to eat anything. hey I didn't mean you have to be honest honest! :)

Kukka-Maria said...

Carmen and Crazy Old Guy...sitting in a tree! K...I...S...S...I...N...G!