Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thursday 13 v. 48

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The 13 is back! Woo hoo!
13 Things About Carmen's Move
  1. It's Friday
  2. I'm mostly done with the packing.
  3. I may never buy or sell a house again. Who invented this process? You don't know you're actually closing until, well, you sign on the dotted line.
  4. I closed on my home in Fairfax on Wednesday. I was actually a little emotional. I'm leaving my home of 7 years.
  5. It costs a lot of money. Admin fees, condo fees, transfer fees, fees for fees.
  6. Packing is un-fun. I may never find half this stuff again.
  7. Utilities are crap. It costs me money for them to put my name on the bill. WTF?
  8. I've hired a painter. I decided to paint the ceilings and the walls.
  9. Verizon made me mad. I ordered Internet service in my new place weeks ago. They can't do it until March 14. HUH? Dude, I work from home. ON THE INTERNET. Cable modem, here I come. Funny, they can hook me up SATURDAY.
  10. I've already ordered a bunch of stuff for the new house. New mattresses (now I have 2 bedrooms), new bedroom decor, a new chest of drawers, etc.
  11. I still have a lot of things to do. Get a new kitchen floor, etc.
  12. I'm stressed out way too much.
  13. No blogging until I get moved and all hooked up.

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      Renee said...

      I don't like moving & packing/unpacking either. I got really spoiled by the movers...but they don't throw out all your old junk that you should get rid of...they just pack it up. *sigh*

      Oh and closings are the worst! DD & I went to the last one and found out there that DH hadn't bothered to put me on the title, so I didn't need to be there. :eyeroll:

      Lazy Daisy said...

      Moving is the pits. Hugs and prayers coming your way. We want pictures once you're settled.

      mar said...

      Good luck with your move!!! But never say never (nr.3!) hope the half of your stuff you find again is what your really need/love.
      Can't wait to see pics of your new home.
      Happy TT :)

      Red said...

      Wow, it's happened so fast! Good luck with the move, and I look forward to having you back online again!

      Make sure the Poohster doesn't freak out too much!

      Tink said...

      Good luck on the move! Love to Pooh from Freyja & Bastet. Hang in there and come back soon.

      Dragonheart said...

      Good luck with your move! My humans have had to move a lot, because my dad is an officer in the Canadian Forces. I hope Pooh likes the new place!

      Thanks for visiting and happy T13. :)

      jenny said...

      happy moving...sounds like a lot of fun..tiring but fun!

      happy TT!

      jenny said...

      i can't see my comments...

      anyways, let me try again...happy moving! sounds like a lot of fun!

      happy tt!

      Melli said...

      Well, I think I just signed your linky thing twice - somehow I didn't "get it" the first time that that WASN'T the comment link! I'm a bit frazzled myself this morning! I'm heading off to work RIGHT NOW, but I just wanted to pop in and wish you the BEST on the move -- hope it all goes smoothly! I'm sorry we didn't have time to get together before you go -- but I may get down Richmond way one of these days! Good luck! To you AND Pooh!!! (hope he wins!)

      colleen said...

      Good for you, buying a house! Did you see the post on my front page from last week when you were over called "On the dotted line?" My son just went through this and he would agree much lawyer language and money spent to do it!!

      I feel like an old foggy. This is my 71st TT and this one is muddy!

      Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

      Yeah, I hope the humans NEVER move again. They couldn't find my carrier so they put me in a cardboard box with holes cut in it. Such is my life...of course Latte & Kaze have fancy carriers now.


      Cheysuli said...

      All that snoopervising for a move is exhausting. How is Pooh Bear taking it?

      At any rate, I have ruled out one dress just on your comment about wanting to be in the wedding but not wanting to wear an ugly dress--of course, if you love it...

      BeckyD said...

      In 3 months I will move for the 22nd time in my life. I seriously doubt it will be the last time I move.

      I've managed to move, on average, every 1.78 years since I was born.

      I'm really good at packing and unpacking and not losing a thing.

      MY TT Is up too

      Christine said...

      Good Luck with the move! I hate moving too! We did so much of it when we were in the military. I've been happy to stay in one place for almost 7 yrs now.
      I'd love to see pics of your new house.
      Happy Thursday!

      Haley-O said...

      Ohhh....We have to sell our house soon, too. We want to, anyway. I hate all those things about moving, too. Ah well...things to look forward to! Good luck getting settled in! :)

      Irish Church Lady :) said...

      Good choice on #8. Moving can take a lot out of you but I'm sure you'll do fine! Have fun setting up the new place... that's the fun part!!

      Kukka-Maria said...

      So glad things are going well, but I'm sad that you won't have so much disposable income right now to buy me great stuff.

      What? You weren't planning to buy me great stuff?

      Teena said...

      Good luck with the move!

      Mine's up too.

      Anonymous said...

      Goodluck hunny! Moving does suck and I have to do again this year too!! Chin up charlie! cu when you have moved!

      Katherine said...

      Good luck! What about Comcast? Can't miss any of your TV shows...I don't know, do you watch TV? Maybe Pooh needs the Animal Planet. I will probably never, ever move on my own after having my husband's company provide movers who do everything for you. Way too difficult, especially when you do it every couple of years.

      Cheysuli said...

      The cat bloggers are having a hug fest. I decided that after that move you could probably use one. Or maybe a good shot of Jack D...

      kristarella said...

      Good luck unpacking and with the internet. Last time I moved we did several car trips back and forth. Next time I'm getting movers!