Sunday, December 10, 2006


So do you want to know what this PayPerPost thing is that everyone is talking about? Well, I think they've come up with a very unique way to get the word out and make people laugh at the same time.

PayPerPost has launched - a reality tv show-like look at the CEO "with the big ears" (they said it, not me) as he takes on the world - and the Today show in New York City. Being a marketer myself, I am pretty impressed by their ideas. Hand people signs and markers who are standing around waiting for Meridith, Matt and Al with PayPerPost on them, and then a spot to write "Matt rocks! Woo Hoo for Washington DC!" or whatever message you'd like to appear on tv when the camera pans. :)

And who doesn't like to go to trade shows! I think they should send the chatchkes that they give away to me! That's the whole reason to go to trade shows! Go along with PayPerPost. :)

I personally like their cast of characters. There's even a pirate, who's not that far away from a Johnny Depp look alike. Then, there's cutie Luke, who's a customer love guy. Hmmm. What does THAT mean? :)

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